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Lindberg – Exquisite Belgian Couverture Chocolates

Lose yourself to the rich and decadent collection of Lindberg’s premium quality chocolates. These luxurious delights get you hooked on with their creamy smooth texture, rich flavour, glossy shine and melt-in-the-mouth experience.

There is a reason why our chocolates are a cut above the rest. Here, we spill the beans…

Our USP:

To create the magical flavours, we extract 70% pure cocoa from premium quality cocoa beans that are sourced from Belgium. Our chocolates have no added preservatives and are made with extra cocoa butter to give it a high gloss.

The Belgian chocolate stamp  

Belgium is famous for their toothsome chocolates and mastery over the art of making this confectionary. The Belgian chocolates (produced in Belgium) are heralded for their strict quality control, well-balanced taste and fine structure. They have a high cocoa content and are made of only pure cocoa butter and the best of the beans.

Echoing the same expertise, Lindberg has been crafted by connoisseur chocolatiers using the world’s finest couverture chocolate. Our strict adherence to quality will satisfy your search for the best.

Couverture Chocolate – the cream of the cream

Known for their quality and superior taste, Couverture Chocolates are coveted around the world. The reason being, they contain a higher percentage of cocoa butter compared to the regular chocolate. Also, the beans are ground to a fine texture during the production phase. That combined with appropriate tempering, lend these treats a glossy sheen and heightened flavour.

How it is made: From bean to bar

While what we see is only the end form of the chocolates, the journey of this sinful delight is a long and complex one which requires several steps. From our end, each process is executed to precision and with great care to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best.

Harvesting Here, short, ripe orange cocoa seed pods are manually harvested.
Fermentation The initial stage where the flavour of the chocolate is developed, here, the finest of cocoa seed pods are cleaned and are left to ferment along with the pulp for an appropriate period of time.
Drying Another important step, the fermented beans are naturally dried. They are usually spread out on a single layer, so that each bean gets an equal exposure to the sun.
Cleaning and Sorting Once the beans are dried, they are meticulously cleaned and sorted. Only the premium of the beans are selected.
Roasting and shelling These beans are then roasted in the correct manner and cracked open to unfold the cocoa nibs that form the chocolate.
Refining and conching A vital step that lends the flavour and aroma to the chocolate, here, the beans go through a process of rolling, kneading, heating, and aeration.


Mixing and blending, milling/grinding The chocolate is blended with extra cocoa butter to give it a high gloss. We only use pure cocoa butter to maintain quality and taste. We do not add vegetable oils or other subordinate substances.
Tempering The process helps to crystallise the cocoa butter in the chocolate, so when it cools, the finished product has the right amount of hardness and glossy texture. Maintaining the optimum temperature and time factor are strictly adhered to for the finest quality output.

What we offer:

Gift Lindberg’s premium quality chocolates to your loved ones, unwrap them on special occasions or pop them whenever the mood calls for it. On offer are:

Chocolate barsFruit & Nut Milk, Pure Milk, Almond & Milk, Raisin Dark, Cranberry Dark, Chilli, Orange, Coffee, Sea Salt, White Chocolate

Chocolate box Roasted Almond, Hazelnut, Fruit & Nut, Blueberry, Coffee, Pure Milk, Cranberry, Salted Caramel, White chocolate (heart shape) in Red chilli flavour, Milk choc with orange filling, 60% pure dark chocolate and 70% pure dark chocolate.

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