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Weight loss ideas for the working man/woman

Simple yet effective weight loss tips for the busy working professionals.

Haven’t we all done this routine, “Oh I just don’t have the time.” or “God, I get so tired when I come home.” or better still, “I work such long hours what exercise are you talking about?” No don’t worry, here we are trying to work out a routine which is inclusive of your busy lifestyle.

Beginner’s class

Take baby steps:  This is our favourite…whenever you are planning to embark on a lifelong healthy routine, it is best to take small steps at a time.  The point is to welcome the change in smaller portions rather than letting it overwhelm you.  It will help you to sustain the program and progress happily.

Get your beauty sleep:  Well yes, we shall begin from the very basic. Step one to losing weight is to get a good night sleep.  Why?  Following a certain weight loss regime, however easy it may be, requires a certain dedication and regularity.  If for any reason, you compromise on your sleep, you will be tired and sleepy the whole day to do anything worthwhile.  Your body needs enough shut eye to rejuvenate and have the energy to move. So there goes your fitness routine out of the window. To avoid such a situation, sleep well, get up feeling vibrant and then see everything working out for you.

Dieting, fasting or whatever:

Never, never, never skip breakfast:   Between dinners to breakfast, you have probably not had any meal for 8 – 12 hours.  Breakfast is an energy booster, helps in functioning of cognitive performance and helps in weight maintenance. In fact, a study shows that all those who have breakfast follow a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t go hungry:   Though this sounds counter to weight loss, remember our body actually slows down the metabolism and preserves calories instead of burning the fat.  Moreover, erratic eating habits can lead to unhealthy eating choices, grabbing and consuming anything visible and edible because by now you are famished.  Instead, have mini meals every two to three hours to help you burn fat.

Chote mein badaa dhamakaa: Consume smaller portions of food every day.  If you stick to your meals every two hours routine, you will never get so hungry that will lead you to ‘guilty eating’.  You will be aware of what is going inside your body.  If you do bite into that chocolatey-chocolate, you do it knowingly and sparingly. Add nuts, fruits, salads, sprouts, and other healthy options to create your mini meals.

Eat like the Frenchman:  This means that you don’t deny your body anything, not even a sugary sweet gulab-jamun, but the trick is not to take a second helping.

Use less sugar in your filter coffee, no cheese in your burger and avoiding aerated drinks. So, there will be  no second helping, less of fatty foods and sparing a thought for your weight.

Exercises, workouts and all that jazz:

Listen to this: “Oh I did not go to my gym for a month, God I may have gained so much weight!!” Really??  Well okay and what about all the walking, talking, running to catch a train, etc. you may have done in between.

Guys it is time to think in terms of movement more than exercises.

  • Make every movement count.
  • Don’t walk, march.
  • Walk from your hip not from your knee and take quicker steps.
  • Move those arms.
  • Take the stairs instead of elevators –walk up at least three floors if your office is on higher floor.
  • At work, don’t use the intercom to talk, walk, we mean march up to the person.

Now that is simple, isn’t it?  They can all be smoothly integrated into your daily living. It may not add up to much weight loss but then every movement counts.

You want more…aha…here are some exercises while you are at your desk:

  • Do Pranayams: Breathe in hold, breathe out hold…go on you know it.
  • Kapalbhatti: Your tummy will thank you…
  • 20:20 – Every 20 minutes switch off from your computer.  Interlace your fingers and do a cat stretch – stretch straight out while seated in your desk.  Then take your hand back and give a s-t-r-e-t-c-h.
  • Shoulder to shoulder:  Try and touch your right ear to your right shoulder and vice-versa.
  • Leg stretch: Roll your chair, face some space and stretch out your legs.

Other workouts you may try:

If you can get some secluded place in your office then try to run- on- the- spot or skipping an imaginary skipping rope.

If there is much space do lunges or stand with your back against the wall, legs apart, and slowly go down in a half sitting position. Count eight, slowly come up and repeat.  This will work out those thighs.

Have you been around kids?  Oh, they are so cute and ball of energy.  They will keep you on your toes and your weight down. Run after them, jump with them…

Reader, here is your list of easy options you can adopt and inculcate them in your life for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Ready, steady go…

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