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8 Must-have munchies to enjoy on rainy days

With monsoon at its peak, and cold winds finding their way back, it is time to bring out the Kadai to heat the oil and start frying something delicious to snack on. For the ones who are screaming, thinking “fried snacks?”, not to worry, you can always bake them as well. Best suited for the evenings, these snacks are sure to be a mouthful for you and your entire family.

Here are a few recipes to bring some twist into your rainy moods.

Potato Wedges

Crisps made of potatoes are like rolling yourself in a comfy blanket. Spicy wedges are often the most chosen to munch on. It is tasty with an outer layer of crunch and perfectly goes with a variety of dips and sauces. Being a worthy cheat if you are on a diet, you can cut your guilt by smearing some chickpea salad on it. If you are someone with kids around you, these wedges will definitely win you a gold star.

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Yam Fries

This a quick snack with a twist to make for you and your family. They are a healthy treat for all of you who want to watch your weight. Made with minimal ingredients, it is spiced with chilli, coriander and turmeric powder. Choose a cheesy or yoghurt-based dip to contrast the flavours. You can always opt for the all-time useful tomato ketchup too.

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Hara Bhara Kebab

It is a delicious kebab made from a handful of veggies and nuts. It contains a dash of desi spices and is fried till golden brown to add a crunch when you bite. This famous Indian snack is best served with minty green chutney to bring in that burst of flavour. This is a pan fry recipe for those who are worried about the amount of oil it will contain.

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Bread Potato Rolls

Get your hands on some slices of bread, a couple of vegetables, a dash of spices and voila! A delicious munchy for your evening. The bread adds a slight flavour and crunch when fried, and the veggies give a healthy touch to the snack. Serve it with a spicy dip.

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Cheese Spinach Sticks

This a quick and simple recipe to get your tongue rolling. Spinach, cheese and bread crumbs make the base ingredients for this delight. A spicy, sweet and sour yoghurt dip can enhance this food. Easy to prepare and fulfilling, it will keep your kids from nagging you for snacks again and again.

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Crispy Chicken Cutlet

For the chicken lovers out there, this cutlet is sure to add a crunch and melt in your mouth. A perfect snack for the rainy season! It is an ideal munch for evenings to relax and can also be served at night with other food. Serve it hot and spicy to bring all your family members to the table together.

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Prawn Pakoda

Get your hands on some fresh prawns to make this simple and tasty dish. It is a perfect starter for your dinner or even for a tea-time snack. Coated with rice powder, it packs an extra layer of crunch, making it light and crispy. Serve it with your choice of sauce or chutney.

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Chilli Cheese Garlic Toast

A bite of heaven to crave your evening hunger or a fun breakfast for your kids? Make your choice, as it can be served throughout the day. Topped with cheese and herbs, it is a flavour-packed snack you cannot miss. You can also add some toppings like pan-fried and seasoned cherry tomatoes, olives, jalapenos, corn, onion and more to bring in some twist. The bread is flavoured with butter and garlic to create a tasty base.

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Shoo those gloomy clouds from your mind and enjoy the pitter-patter of rain with these delicious munchies. Serve them hot with a bowl full of dip/ sauce and turn the joyous mood on.


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