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Fight against the mighty mosquito

Though in recent times, the pandemic has taken precedence over all other things, let’s not forget another formidable enemy in the fight against deadly diseases—the mosquito. This tiny little creature, which has survived every extinction event, from before the dinosaurs up until today, has evolved over time to carry many new variants of diseases; starting with malaria to dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and most recently, the zika virus. Mosquito-borne diseases are difficult to prevent since the insect multiplies and flourishes simply in the presence of still water and warm temperature. Such an environment is especially hard to control in certain seasons. Hence, the only way to fight mosquitoes is to protect your own body and personal space. For that, you must begin by understanding what you’re up against.

Know your enemy

Mosquitoes can detect the carbon dioxide, skin odour, body heat, and sweat emitted by living beings. They not only enter your home during night time (though their numbers are higher then) but also during the day when they can easily hide in dark, inaccessible corners. Hence, to fight them, you must take a targeted approach.

Weapons in your arsenal

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