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From Farmer’s Kitchen: Rustic Recipes for a Homely Touch

Maharashtrian Puran Poli

Bharli Vangi Recipe

Thondekai Palya

Chaprad Avarekai

26 comments on “From Farmer’s Kitchen: Rustic Recipes for a Homely Touch

  1. Ramesh Ganesan

    Awesome. It’s heartening to listen to these fellow brethren and sisters and we too wish them well. With gratitude we remember.
    Their feet in slush helps our fingers dig into the food.

  2. Thanks you for all your contribution in our daily life

  3. Thanks for sharing these recipes

  4. Jayarani Prasad

    Happy Diwali 🪔🎇

  5. SomyashreeSwain


  6. Bharati Chatterjee

    Sincerely cooked and looked tasty.Enjoyed watching.

  7. Ashok Nayak

    Happy deepawali

  8. Lina B Fane

    Thank you dear farmers. You all are a blessing to our nation. We are filled with pride at the work you do. Continue your good work and Stay blessed 🙌

  9. Fantastic

  10. Sanket Ghosh

    Wish everyone of you a very happy Diwali & Subho Dipawali. Stay healthy 🙏🏼

  11. Revive and promote our own Bharat desh traditional recipes and foods.Shun GMO foods and progressively adopt more and more organic foods.Yeh chaman hamara apna hai !

  12. Rahman A Mukid

    Wishing you and your family a gleam of diyas, echo of holy chants, contentment and happiness today, tomorrow and forever. Have a happy and prosperous Diwali! ✨🎇🏮
    Regards..Rahman Mukid


    Good Morning… Happy Diwali 🪔🎇
    Can you all pls post a recipe of Delectable Upma , South Indian Andra Pradesh style

  14. Will try preparing puran poli for sure… thank you for sharing the receipy

  15. Raj ki Simran!

    Subh Dipawali for all the wonderful people who bring food to our table.😊


    Wow. This is really nice to have varieties of recipes

  17. Hoshang Udwadia

    Nice to know about these recipies, thankyou.

  18. shruti chhangani

    How can we add our receipe

  19. Caroline Kunder

    Congratulations 🎊 👏 💐 🥳 to every precious Farmer who has extended their contributions to the entire community at large…we are grateful to you and God for providing us our daily meals at the table because of your dedication…May the Lord bless every hand big or small in this great effort and your fields and farms be enriched for greater yields to everyone …God bless 🙌

  20. Sudha Philip

    Nice recipes

  21. Ramakrishna

    Very nice !

  22. Thank u so much .shall try these unknown recipes

  23. S. K. Arora

    Wish you and your family a happy and prosperous Diwali. !!

  24. Yammi

  25. Poonam Sahoo

    Enjoyed watching the video. The freshness of the recipe can be felt.
    Great work.

  26. Sudarshana Mitra

    Thank you so much for brighten our life with your beautiful contribution. Love and respect


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