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The un-beet-able root!

If there is any vegetable that can be proud of its vibrant ‘jewel colour’ it is the beetroot. Also called beets, its deep purple hue stands out among the other veggies giving an otherwise boring cart of sabzis some dazzle.

If you are a beetroot fan, raise your hand. We are about to drool over this fascinating vegetable and go for the cook-enjoy-repeat session.

Ready, steady, gobble…

The treasure trove of everything good

Beets have this striking bounty of nutrients and antioxidants that will make you rush to eat them. Well, you cannot deny the positive effect it has on our health and immunity.

Taking the lead in nutrition is folate, a vitamin that keeps your blood vessels healthy. This is followed by heart-friendly potassium. They are rich in essential nutrients, vitamin C, iron and manganese. A good source of fibre, beetroot including beetroot juice has a unique link to several health benefits, including lower blood pressure, improved blood flow and boosted athletic output.

Encouraging benefits

Beets contain nitrates that get converted into nitric oxide once it is in our bloodstream. Nitric oxide is known to expand blood vessels which helps in lowering blood pressure and easing blood flow. It acts like a vasodilator and lowers the cholesterol build-up in the arteries to prevent any possible heart attack. Hence if you suffering from hypertension, beetroot juice will be beneficial.

Beet juice may help in a better clitoral function too. We merit this to mineral boron which the beets have in a significant amount. Boron is associated with the production of sex hormones, increasing testosterone levels and increasing brain function, thinking skills and ability to concentrate. The beets are known to tackle dementia effectively. This mineral goes to build stronger bones and muscles, helps in muscle coordination and combats osteoarthritis.

Cumulatively, nitric oxide and boron are established in their effectiveness in smoothening the blood flow and promoting cognitive function respectively.

This root vegetable has betalain pigments (for detoxification), a great source of various vitamins and minerals like vitamin B-6, zinc, thiamine, copper, riboflavin, glutamine, and selenium, all of which have documented benefits in blood circulation. Its goodness spills to take care of menstruation and bile, liver, and gallbladder ailments. So all those suffering from anaemia will benefit from this root vegetable.

Healthy recipes

The beets with their long stems and thick reddish-purple skin have a sweet, earthy taste. As the remarkable profile of this incredible vegetable does not end here, just read on for some healthy recipes you can prepare and enjoy.

Beetroot salad with goat cheese

Why don’t we toss some beets and creamy goat cheese and viola have a tasty salad on the table?

Surprisingly simple to make, you can add some oranges for the tanginess and corn for some crunch.  With some drizzle of vinaigrette and creamy goat cheese, we figure that once you have the salad bowl you will not put it down. Don’t worry, we are sharing this recipe so that you can make more and much more of it.

Check out the recipe here

Beetroot hummus

An Egyptian delight with its shade of pink! A healthy recipe and protein-boosted, you will swoon over its rich, classic flavours.  With some dash of lemon juice and coriander green for aroma the added flavour in this nourishing dish is suitable for people of all age groups.

Check out the recipe here

Beetroot atta pasta with stir-fried veggies

This is the dish you would want to make when you are wearing the MasterChef hat. Don the apron and bring out the big guns…bowl, spatula and your remarkable mood to swing it by.

It takes 40 minutes to prep but just 15 minutes to cook, make this dish on the day you are hosting a party. With the crunch of stir-fried vegetables, this is a nutritious beet dish you will love to flaunt on the table.  Yes, of course, we will share the recipe.

Check out the recipe here

Gingery Beetroot Soup

If an extra kick makes a dish a family favourite then here is a recipe for a soup you all will love.

Flavoured with ginger, roasted pepper and sautéed onions, the soup complements the earthy-sweet taste of beetroot. Easy to make, it needs just 12 ingredients, 10 minutes to prepare and less than half an hour of cooking time. It is a healthy hearty soup recipe that you will enjoy slurping.

Check out the recipe here

Just remember

  • Raw beets contain more nutrients, minerals and antioxidants than cooked ones.
  • The longer you cook the beets the more they will lose their nutritive value. It is best to roast or sauté them.
  • Try not to consume more than necessary. The overkill may increase the risk of kidney stones.
  • Don’t worry about urine turning pink, or red or stool becoming discoloured. This pigment is due to a compound betanin in the beetroot.

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