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Revlon Circus Range Glitter Nail Polishes or Revlon Glitzy Nights Nail Polishes are the latest launch by Revlon. I love Revlon polishes and look forward to new launches from the brand. The name Circus Range totally suits these polishes. The glitter polishes looked like bottles of magic potion when I first spotted those at a market. There are about 6 of them. I decided to do some digging before I laid my hands on them. The cost is very high, so I needed to be sure it’s worth it. But there were no reviews of these on the internet. Anyways, I bought two shades called, 507 Splash and 509 Splendor. I’d have preferred if they had put some thoughts on the shade names as these do not justify the beautiful glitters in the bottles. Nevertheless as long as the quality and shade perfection remain like this, I do not mind anything at all.
Packaging – It comes in the iconic bottles of Revlon nail enamel.
ShadeSplash is my favourite and there is not a single day I did not stare and praise the polish on my fingers of the 3 times I wore it.  It is till date the best glitter polish I wore. It is a glitter polish with black base and green, peacock blue, and golden glitters. The glitters are small and medium sized and are not too chunky. Some glitters are holographic. The feel is totally a late night jazz concert type, if you know I mean! 😉 If it was on me I’d name it ‘After-party Lights’.
Splendor is a purple nail polish with lesser glitters than Splash. It has golden and iridescent blue/purple glitters on a purple base. It goes really well with my complexion and is a very unique purple in all terms. It is a great option for festivals and occasions and I suggest layering twice over some coloured base polish instead of going thrice singly. I would have preferred calling it ‘Purple Crystals’.
Texture – Both the polishes are jelly textured and has to be applied a little carefully in order to spread the glitters nail wide. But neither is difficult to apply. You may use a nail thinner to thin out the texture but that may lead to compromise in glitter consistency.

Pigmentation & Finish– 507 Splash is a bit on the thicker side and is glitter packed. Two coats render an almost opaque finish. 509 Splendor on the other hand is a bit sheer and 3 coats will lead to an almost opaque finish. I generally apply two coats of the polishes over a coloured base coat. For e.g. 507 Splash look best on Colorbar Peacock Blue nail enamel (refer photos). Both are non-streaky and do not pull a sandy texture. It is a bit uneven to touch but not overpoweringly brazen.

Staying Power– Revlon Circus Range Glitter Nail Polish stay on for about 5 days after which they come off like sticker from my nails. It is such a pain to remove glitter polishes so I get really happy when these come off like stickers. But you still have to clean up with cotton as a lot is left behind. With a clear top coat it may last longer.

Revlon Circus Range Glitter Nail Polishes 507 Splash and 509 Splendor (Price 375 INR for 8 ml)

Overall Thoughts

I am really enjoying Revlon Circus Range Glitter Nail Polish- 507 Splash, 509 Splendor and am happy to take a break from normal ones. Once a while you should adorn yourself with glitters as the feel is very special ☺ Till now the only glitter polishes that I have used are from Maybelline Glitter Mania. Those according to me are more sandy than glittery. And also they have a matte finish. On the contrary these are true to the claim of being a proper glitter polish sans the sandy matte texture which works absolutely fine by me.

Rating- 4.5/5 (Ouch! The price.)


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