Beautiful Shades of Kajal You Should Try Other Than Black



Kajal has been a part of women’s beauty since ages. Deeply defined black eyes bring about a unique unmatched beauty in every girl’s face.

With makeup reaching new heights and facing great experimental looks, there are more shades that defines the word ‘Kajal’ these days. Kohl or Kajal need not be necessarily black. There are many other shades to define your waterline.

Here are some of the must try shades of Kajal other than black. They will bring a great change in your journey of makeup going forward.


A white kajal! This might seem weird initially. But this is the shade that brings a totally new dimension to your eyes.

When you use white kajal on your waterline along with the right kind of eye makeup, your eyes begin to speak about your beauty.


The green stroke of line on both water line and upper eyelid makes the look very striking.  If you blend a little black along with green, the entire eye makeup stands out catches fancy of every observer.


The bolt of blue on the eyes is the right shade to begin with if you have not yet started with colored kohls/kajals.

The royal look which blue delivers in the eyes is something ever one should try right away.


An intense brown eye makeup looks beautiful all the time for all occasions with all kinds of dresses. Where is the fun if there is no color co-ordination in your makeup? Monotonous black kajal can get boring. In order to remove the boredom, introduce shiny silky brown to your eyes.


Sticking to only simple eye makeup with neutral tones or black kohl eyes will definitely make you miss all the magic colored eye pencils can make. Replace your simple cool neutral eye look with grey and black smokey eye makeup. Also try the grey shade on the water line.

Lakme Eyeconic range has one of the best eye pencils in beautiful shades.

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