10 Golden Rules of Hair Care

Do you envy when you see someone with perfectly groomed, smooth, silky, shiny, non-frizzy, salon-worthy hair?

Blame your chaotic busy life and the lack of enough care for the well-being of your locks. But here are few Holy Grail rules which experts say that you must follow in your routine for healthy and happy hair.

Wash your hair only 2-3 times a week

You heard it right. There are restrictions for the number of time you wash your hair in a week. Ideally, 2 times is sufficient. In case you want to go a little over board in washing your hair, then make it 3 times, not more than that. If you shampoo daily, the natural oils which conditions and protects your hair gets stripped away making more damages.

Keep your colored hair looking fresh

There is love for hair color in every one, some like it black while others like blonde or something different. To make your hair coloring experience a pleasant one, choose a good quality hair color product. Loreal Paris Conditioning Hair Color delivers good gloss in variety of colors.

Heavy conditioning of hair is necessary. But over doing the shampoo is a big mistake when your hair is colored. L’Oreal Paris also offers Color Protecting Conditioner for Coloured Hair.

Choose hair products according to hair type

Do not blindly add hair care products to your cart. Choose your products rightly.

Curly hair, frizzy dry hair, straight hair, super straight hair, split end hair; all needs different types of caring depending upon the level of damage.

Avoid hot showers

Hot water dissolves and loosens the oil. Even those vital hair oils get washed away very easily and quickly. It also dries out hair, create tangles and breaks hair stands. Our aim is to only wash away the dirt, sweat, excess grime and oil from scalp and hair.

While you may enjoy a hot shower, luke warm water is preferable for hair wash.

Shampoo your scalp, not the hair ends

Along with which shampoo and how many times you shampoo, it is also important to know how to use the shampoo.

Use shampoo on the well-oiled scalp. When you rinse, the shampoo will run down your tresses.

Hair ends do not need any rubbing or scrubbing with shampoo. You will make your tresses weak and porn to breakage.

Scalp massage facilitates blood circulation

Healthy, bouncy, shiny and happy hair is the secret of expensive looking hair. With proper oiling, shampooing, conditioning and styling, hair looks gorgeous and eye catching.

The hidden secret of beautiful hair lies in massaging. Massaging the scalp encourages blood circulation which promoted health of the hair and boosts volume.

Towel dry hair before conditioning

Heavily wet water dripping hair does not absorb conditioners properly; this means the necessary moisture is not delivered to your hair.  Gently towel dry your hair after rinsing the shampoo, then apply conditioner and leave it for at least 2-3 minutes before washing away again.

Brushing is important

Brush your hair at least twice a day. This is a must once in the morning and again before going to bed. Treat your hair nicely, and you will be able to enjoy its shine and health.

Do not tear through your locks. Invest in quality hair grooming brushes and tools. Vega Hair brushes have excellent bristles and hand grip that helps in easy hair styling.

Try Castor Oil or Vitamin E Oil

Use Castor Oil or Vitamin E Oil or use both alternatively by massaging steadily and leaving for atleast 2 hours before shampooing. You will see the magic reflecting in your hair and scalp.

The hair oils usually have the ability to fight infections causing hair loss. Necessary nourishment  and effective treatment is got by oiling the scalp and hair.

Try Aloe Veda’s Cold Pressed Castor Oil and OGX Healing+Vitamin E Penetrating Oil.





No to tight hair pulling styles

Your hair style matters a lot. If you pull behind your tresses into a tight pony tail or a bun, you are actually making your hair scream for help. The hair pulling styles can make them weak at the roots and break.

So, style the right way by perfectly placing the plait, pony or bun.

Do you have more hair care secrets to share with us?




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