10 tips to follow to prevent acnes

Looking beautiful is not just wearing good clothes, looking fashionable, wearing excellent makeup or doing glamorous hairstyles. Beauty also lies in healthy clear skin.

With that sudden skin outburst, you might find yourself losing your confidence. The red bumpy monsters, known as acnes or pimples are actually a night mare to all of us.

Here are few tips by which you can prevent acnes. Treatment for acnes is definitely there, but prevention is much better than actually facing them.

Clean your face twice a day.


Whether you skin has acne issues or not, washing your face with a good face wash is necessary. Dirt, sweat, oil, grime and grease accumulate on the skin and settle within the tiny skin pores. To keep your skin clean, washing twice in a day is must. Remember, more than twice can cause harm.

Always moisturize the skin


Skin moisturizers are necessary for all skin types. Even if you have oily acne prone skin, moisturizer is very much needed for your skin. Acne controlling face washes/cleansers/scrubs contains ingredients that can dry out skin and peel. Hence, moisturizer is a must even while you are trying to solve your skin issue of acnes. Use suitable products made for different skin types.

Nivea is a promising brand with most of its moisturizer working well on the skin. It has tins/tubs that are all purpose creams that can be used on troubled areas.

Use noncomedogenic makeup


When you have acnes, you should be careful what you use from your makeup kit. Avoid foundation, powder or blush. Always make it a point to cleanse and wash off the makeup at the end of the day.

Use makeup with ‘noncomedogenic’ tag in it. This means it will not cause acnes.

Oily hair means oily face


What you use on your hair, directly affects your skin. Fragranced products, gels, oils, pomades, can on your hair can get down to your face and cause irritations leading to blocked pores and acnes.

Oily scalp and hair means oily face with high tendency of skin break outs. So, wash your hair at regular intervals.

Do not touch your face


If you keep touching your face with your fingers, there is possibility that you are spreading the bacteria all over.  Never pop or pick a pimple, it can lead to infections and scars.

Use washed towel every time


Dirty towels spread bacteria quickly and add more to the skin issues. Use a washed towel only once on your skin. Once used, toss it to the laundry hamper.

Watch out your sleeping pillow


Your pillow can be a major trouble maker for your skin. The dirt accumulated on the pillow cover does a lot of harm to the skin while you are sleeping tightly on it.

Recall, when you had last washed or changed your pillow cover and bed spread. It is best suggested to change every alternate day.

Use natural kitchen ingredients


Homemade face packs are effective to a great extent in clearing the skin. Kitchen ingredients act as preventive methods as well as treatment to already present pimples. Honey, lemon, baking soda, aloe vera, turmeric; are commonly used in treating acnes.poipoh

Use dermatological products


There are many anti-acne products that have been well formulated and tested for topical application on the troubled area.

Face packs, face creams, face scrubs etc. – there are many available in the market from various brands. Himalaya is a brand that has great anti acne products.

Stress free


Studies show that stress causes pimples. When body produces stress hormones, there are high chances of more and more pimples on the skin. So, chill and try to stay stress-free. Practise yoga and meditation to relieve stress and become pimple free.




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