Lip Care Tips for Soft Pink Lips

Soft pink lips not just looks beautiful but it is also a sign of good health. Every girl yearns for naturally pink looking lips. But when the dry dreary winter sets in, it takes a toll on the delicate lips.

Here are few tips to help keep your lips soft even during winter.


Water is essential and important for everything that creates natural beauty. Drinking plenty of water not only makes skin beautiful but also helps to keep lips hydrated. Drink at least 8 tall glasses of water every day.


Watch your diet. It is an important aspect for being beautiful from inside. Include plenty of green vegetables and fruits that are high in Vitamin E and Vitamin B. It will help your skin stay healthy and glowing which means your lips get included too.


Lip balms are your lips’ best friends. Moisturizing your lips regularly with a lip balm is very important. A good petroleum jelly based lip balm not only moisturizes but it also prevents darkening of lips.

Nivea has the widest range of lip balms in different flavours. Some are tinted and some non-tinted lip balms. They also have an exclusive lip balm for men.

For herbal lip balms, try Lotus or Biotique lip balms.

Lakme also has a wide range of lightly coloured tinted lip balms.

Avoid biting or licking

Biting is a seriously bad habit. It will leave your lips chapped, wounded and dark. Licking isn’t good either, as it causes lips to dry. The sooner you quit biting and licking your lips, the better for your lips.

Watch your cosmetics

Cheap or expired cosmetics can cause major damage to your lips as it is much delicate than the rest of our skin. Always prefer moisturizing lipsticks from well-known reputed brands. Prepare your lips with Vaseline or petroleum jelly or any lip balm before applying lipstick.

Homemade lip treatments

Homemade remedies and DIY-treatments are always magical and they show immediate results. Applying natural ingredients form kitchen shelf gifts you the most wanted attractive looking pink lips.

Honey, cucumber, aloe vera gel, olive oil is best suited for lip treatment. Exfoliating lips at regular intervals is also essential to lift away dry chapped flakes from the lips. Use sugar to gently exfoliate your lips.

How have you been treating your lips to get rid of dryness, dullness and darkness? If you have been following anything else other than the above mentioned lip care tips, then do share with us.

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  1. I feel lip care products should actually be utilized in order to fight lip pigmentation and other common side effects such as dark,chapped and dry lips.

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