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10 Best Uses of Vaseline

Vaseline is one of the oldest and classic products that people of all generations swear by. It is one of the most favorite and iconic formula that one could have ever found.

Vaseline as we all know is an all-purpose magical cream that we can put to use in many ways.

Here are few of the Vaseline petroleum jelly hacks.

Remove lash glue

At the end of your day, just before cleansing your makeup do not try to pull away the false-lashes you stuck. It can harm the delicate skin around your eyes. Just smudge some Vaseline on your lash line and wait for few minutes before you peel away the false-lashes strip.

Highlight cheek bones

Our highlighters, illuminators and several of that shimmery compact are our cult favourite to arrive at that chiselled cheek bone look.  Vaseline is way more budget friendly and easy way of highlighting your cheeks. Dab a tiny bit of Vaseline for a beautiful dewy finished look.

Define your eye lashes

A tub of Vaseline allows you to replace it with all other beauty products. You can easily make your lashes look longer and voluminous by applying Vaseline. They will look shinier and thicker.

Eye brow tamer

Stubborn brow cowlicks can be irritating to tackle. Vaseline is the most promising way to keep your arch in place all day long. Pick a tiny amount of Vaseline in your ring finger and rub with tip of your thumb. This will ensure the even distribution of the petroleum jelly, now smooth it over the brow.

Face moisturizer

Vaseline does not clog pores, thus it makes a great face cream providing excellent moisturizing effect.

Soothe cracked heels

There are several reasons which can give you a scratchy, flaky, thorny mess at your heels. Before going to bed, slather Vaseline and put on your socks to soothe your cracked heels.

Heal sunburn

If you have earned yourself a red burning skin due to sun exposure, gently apply Vaseline as it will help to lock the moisture and prevent the skin from peeling.

Treat hair split ends

If you have been facing the problem of split ends, then treat your hair with Vaseline. Apply Vaseline only near the ends of the hair to smooth the split ends. Apply cautiously, as if you over use Vaseline it might turn your hair greasy and sticky.

Soothe dry cuticles

Cuticles tend to dry very soon as we use detergents, dish washes, soaps, hand washes and also gardening makes our hand rough and dry. Once all the daily chores are done, slather Vaseline on the nails of all 10 fingers. This will makes your nails and cuticle soft.


Vaseline is an excellent lubricating agent. It can be used to lubricate candle holder, jammed windows or doors, stuck finger rings, or even help in the insertion of earrings.

Thus a tub of Vaseline is very useful and has loads of benefits. This can be considered as one of the greatest inventions done to help in the daily life of man.

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