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10 best fashion colors to choose this winter

Winter has the power and capacity to make everything dull and lifeless.

To look trendy and spicy in the season of chill, here is few color selection you should follow in your outfit, accessories, hair, foot wears, winter knitted essentials, and anything and everything that you come across and use every day.

Below are the colors that will make you look trendy and chic this season.


Yellow add spice to the components of the winter. If you think yellow is hard to pull off during winter, yellow is in fact good to lift up a dreary winter day.


Red is the best way to melt away the chillness of winter. It is natural to wear something vibrant. Red is the most popular vibrant shade and suits this season in all ways.

Light Blue

Soft pastels are also popular during the winter season, and light blue or sky blue happens to be the most favourite soft color of the season. This romantic color is the best hot color and the most used in the trend.

Forest Green

Forest green is one color which will drive away all the winter blues in you. The hot shade makes sure that all eyes sets on you.


The best part of the color orange is that it shows happiness, enthusiasm and encouragement which are important especially during the dull winter.

Orange will look good when you are celebrating the holiday season during winter.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is the new popular choice and is taking the prime place in fashion trend. This color can easily fill in forms in your closet.


Burgundy is a strong seasonal statement color. With burgundy winter dress and accessories, you can rock every single day all the season.

Burgundy makeup is the choice of the season and it lifts the mood instantly.


Just because it is cold winter, it does not mean that all your white dresses have to wait until it is summer. Winter white is definitely a choice to wear during winter. Pair your optical white or vanilla hue dress with complementing boots or over coat for that killer look.

Pale Pink

Pale pink is the best ever shade you can think of during winter. With pale pink winter dress, sport a dewy makeup with soft smoky eye makeup look. Dab on shimmery highlighter and add the never seen oomph factor to your look.


Black is a classic color in itself. It needs no other supporting color. It is deadly on its own. Pair with beautiful accessories, waist belt, hand or clutch bag with matching footwear.

Which is you favourite color for the season. Do you have more tips to share about how to look stylish and trendy this winter?

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