5 items every working woman must carry in her bag

We know that you barely have time to eat before leaving office, let alone do your makeup. But that does not mean that you should compromise on looking your best. These basic items won’t take up too much space in your bag and allows for a quick makeover on the go.

Hand Sanitizer

With so many germs around, hand sanitizer somehow tops the list. Squeeze a couple of tiny drops onto your palm and rub. Voila! You can start your day clean and fresh.

Wet wipes/ Makeup remover tissue

You never know when you will need wet wipes through your day. They are ideal to keep your face fresh during hot summer days. If there is cleanser in the pack of wet tissue you use, then it is an added advantage as they become helpful in removing makeup and cleansing skin.

Tinted Lip Balm

Tinted lip balms are a safe bet when you are out and cannot to do your complete makeup. The mild colour and lustre make you look fresh and glowing.

Black/Brown Dark Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one product that is a must for all beginners and makeup enthusiasts. No makeup looks complete without a dark stroke of eyeliner on the eyes. You can either go for the popular black or a brown one if you want something trendy and different.

Subtle Shimmery Eyeshadow

Mild shimmery eyeshadow is a wonder product and can be used in different ways to transform your look in a matter of seconds. Think of a beige or champagne shade that is light and sparkles. You can quickly pat it on your eyelids and soften it over for a beautiful girlie look. Or, use it near the inner corners of your eyes to open them up.

These subtle shimmery eye shadows also double up as a highlighter. Use smartly on your cheeks to make it look higher.

Quick makeover tip

For a quick makeover, always keep a tinted lip balm, a single eye shadow in a subtle shimmer shade and dark eyeliner. To begin, start with the wet makeup remover to cleanse and refresh your skin.

These are the basic 5 items to have in the vanity bag for any women. They allow you to be free of any worries and bring confidence that you can look your best at any time.

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