Beauty Hacks That Make Life Easier

Every woman should have some beauty tricks up her sleeves, you never know when they will come handy! Here is a list of some super easy ones that will make your life easier…

Scotch Tape or Doctor Tape

Creating a perfect winged eyeliner can take some practice, time and patience. But the best way to begin is to make use of scotch or doctor tape. Place the tape under your eye diagonally upwards and line your eyes.

Before using the tape near your eyes, stick it behind your hand and remove repeatedly. This way it will be less sticky and not cause much harm around the eyes.


A teaspoon is a wonder product when it comes to beauty uses. Warm up a spoon slightly and place the convex side of the spoon on to the lashes a couple of times. You will see your lashes beautifully curved.

Another tip: Put the spoon in the freezer. Press the spoon under your eyes to get rid of puffiness under your eyes.

Bottle Caps and Highlighters

Bottle caps are helpful in plumping up the lips to the desired size. Put the lipstick and then apply a tiny amount of highlighter on both upper and lower lips only at the centre. This will give the desired dimension to the lips.

Ombre hair with bronzer

Bronzers are mostly used for achieving a sun kissed look. But did you know that you can also get a quick and temporary ombre look for your hair? Divide your hair into tiny sections and apply bronzer to the tips for a gorgeous makeover.

Cotton for creating false lashes effect

Cotton can be used to create a false eyelashes effect. Use a spooly and get on some cotton on it. After applying mascara, run the spooly through the lashes. Apply mascara and run it again. Repeat until you get the desired length.

Eyeshadow as eyeliner

If you run out of your favourite eyeliner when it is most required, then eyeshadow comes very handy at that time. Wet your eyeliner brush and dab on the eyeshadow of the desired colour. Glide it on the eyes where you usually apply the eyeliner. The results are stunning.

Hand sanitizer for underarms

There are at times when even deodorant doesn’t work well. If you begin to sweat through the deodorant, then rub your favourite smelling hand sanitizer to your underarms.

Paper towels to dry hair

If you have no enough time to dry your hair and also cannot go along with your wet hair, then paper towels are the best way to dry your hair quickly. Paper towels absorb more water than bath towel and also prevent frizzy hair.

Dry shampoo for feet

If your feet sweats a lot and make your ballet flats wet, then wearing socks becomes mandatory. But if you are in no mood to wear them, then spray dry shampoo on your feet to keep then dry.


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