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Unique uses of 7 baby products

Have some extra baby care products lying around? Don’t throw them just yet. Baby products can be used for various other purposes; from making your kitchen counters shine to getting rid of unpleasant odors! Don’t believe us? Read on…

Baby Wipes – Don’t just use these wipes to clean or soothe the skin of your little one. They are loaded with special cleaning powers that can come in handy when there are messy food spills in your home or in your car. Thicker than ordinary wipes, baby wipes can be used to clean up kitchen counters, bathroom mirrors, dirt marks on your bathtub and more. Carry them with you on trips and when your baby grows up; teach him or her to clean up their own mess easily!

  • You can also use baby wipes to clean delicate rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets, without harming the metal or any stones.
  • During winters, these wipes can come in useful for cleaning dirty snow-covered boots when you enter home after a long day outside. Keep a box of baby wipes in your shoe cabinet at all times to deal with this problem.
  • If you have a pet dog and he/she got dirty in something you are not sure about, use baby wipes to get him/her squeaky clean. This also works when you don’t have enough time to give them a bath.

Baby Powder – Try to buy those that are made from unadulterated cornstarch and keep them in your medicine cabinet for quick solutions.

  • Baby powders are not just ideal for deodorizing the cute little bottom of your child, but it can also help you to get rid of smelly feet. If your problem is severe, sprinkle some powder inside your shoes before putting them on for work!
  • Does your hair get greasy and grimy every other day? Baby powder can be an affordable way of dealing with this issue. Just sprinkle some in your unwashed hair and brush to distribute the powder evenly. After all, using a dry shampoo regularly can rob your hair of its natural oils and can be expensive too.
  • Are you expecting guests, but your carpet and upholstery smell terrible? Sprinkle baby powder on them; let it rest for around a few minutes and then vacuum to get a fresh and hygienic smell.

Baby Shampoo – These are mild, cost-effective and can effectively wash dirty surfaces too.

  • Lingerie made from delicate fabrics or silk can be washed with baby shampoo instead of harsh detergents.
  • This is great for cleaning spills and spots on floors and upholstery when applied with a little warm water.
  • If your pets have sensitive skin, take some baby shampoo on a soft cloth and wash them in a warm bath.

Petroleum Jelly – This one is not just perfect for your baby’s skin, but can keep you soft, well-nourished and hydrated. Use it especially in winters.

  • Have a birdfeeder in the garden, but squirrels keep stealing the seeds meant for birds? Apply a coat of this jelly on the feeder to prevent them from climbing.

Baby Washcloths – Since these are extremely soft, you can use them safely on your clothes to remove marks left by deodorants.

  • You can also dust and polish your expensive furniture with these cloths, without the fear of scratching. For wooden items, dampen the cloth with water and vinegar.

Baby Oil – Getting rid of acrylic or oil paints can be a cakewalk with baby oils, and they also soothe and moisturize your hand. You can also use oils and shampoo to clean paint brushes.

  • To remove makeup easily, apply baby oil on a soft cotton ball and rub all over your face. It will neither sting nor hurt your eyes, and your skin will stay hydrated too.
  • Is dry skin or eczema bothering you? Then apply baby oil all over your body after you step out from a warm shower. You will smell amazing and get deliciously soft skin in no time.

Diaper Cream – Maybe you went for a run and are feeling chaffed. There’s nothing like diaper creams to sort out the problem. These protect your baby’s skin from roughness and rashes and do the same for you too!

So now that you know all the magic that your baby’s products can do, there is no reason to not try them out. Experience the wonder yourself today!

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