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8 ways to make your garden more interesting

If you are one of the lucky few who have the luxury of owning a garden (no matter how big or small), then this is for you. Let the green patch be your solace and hideout from the concrete jungle outside. To make it all the more interesting, here are some tips…

Vibrant accent wall – Though your garden is full of greenery and colorful blossoms, it is never a bad idea to add a little extra pizzazz with an accent wall. Zero in on a retaining wall, fence or bench wall and paint it in a beautiful blue, fiery orange or bold red. If you have an artistic edge, feel free to draw a vibrant mural on the wall too. Or ask for help from a friend who you know draws amazingly well.

Funky furniture – Repurpose old or vintage style chairs, benches and tables to add some funk to your garden. You can paint them in magenta, turquoise, sunny yellow or neon hues to add life to the greenery. For wooden furniture, you can use a coat of lacquer to make the paint last long. For metal chairs or tables, go for a powder coating to protect them from inclement weather conditions.

Fire pit – In winters, it often becomes a little too chilly to enjoy the garden after sunset. But, if you build a fire pit, the problem can be resolved easily. All you need to do is dig a shallow circle in the ground and add gravel. Then line the perimeter with large stones or bricks. In the evenings, simply light a fire in this pit and enjoy cozy chat sessions with your friends and family. You can burn marshmallows here as well and relish them with hot coffee.

Tent or canopy – Buy a bright colorful tent from the market and set it up in your garden to add some fun. You can also make your very own tepee style tent by hanging a large sheet over your clothesline. Place some soft throws and a cushion inside the tent for a cozy feel. Want to enjoy sleepovers? Simply get some blankets and you are good to go!

A sculpture – To make your garden the talk of the whole town, sometimes, all you need is a big, bold and unique sculpture. It can become a conversation-starter as well, when guests are visiting. Just make sure that the material can withstand the sun and rain.

For those with a bigger garden:

Garden house – Building a simple and tiny garden house or outhouse can be a wonderful idea when you want some privacy from your nosy neighbors. Go for bright green, orange, blue or red exterior walls to spice things up. Or, you can keep the walls in a neutral tone and paint the doors and windows in a vivid yellow or some neon hue. This outhouse can become the perfect place to play for your kids, or you can make it your studio to indulge in hobbies like painting, sculpting or reading. It can act as a tool shed as well. Or, feel free to host afternoon tea parties with your close friends.

Build a pool – If money is no object, hire pool builders to get yourself an in-ground pool. Surround it with brightly colored tiles in red, blue or green for a lively effect. Gorgeous glass mosaic tiles are another bold choice.

  • Are you ready to get creative and build your own pool without spending a lot? Then simply arrange some hay bales in the shape you want your pool to be. Then cover the arrangement with a massive sheet of plastic. Fill the hole in the centre with water and enjoy!
  • You can also introduce other water features in your garden, such as an artificial waterfall or fountain. These will make the ambiance tranquil and have a cooling effect in summer.

How about a tree house – Have a garden full of tall trees with branches that spread out generously? Then build a fun tree house with good quality timber, so that the structure doesn’t collapse suddenly. If you have kids, they will want to play in it every single day! Or, you can use it as your private sanctuary for meditation, relaxation, reading or simply enjoying a cool breeze. If you are not confident of building one yourself, call for professionals who can do it easily. Though it might cost you a little more, it can be a very worthy investment.

Hope these innovative ideas help you create a magical garden for yourself. You can also decorate your outdoor space with lanterns, or use watering cans, colanders and baby bathtubs instead of traditional pots to make things interesting.

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