What’s the deal with Keratin and why it is good for your hair

If you take basic precaution, keratin is healthy and can do wonders.

Did you know? Getting keratin treatment over colour prolongs the period of time it stays on.

We have all heard about keratin, but do we know what it actually is why it is used in hair treatment? For those who are unaware, keratin is a protein that is already present in your hair. During this specific therapy, a keratin based product is used on the tresses and sealed a with the heat of a flat iron. While there are concerns about how safe the treatment is, if you take care of the product being used and follow basic precaution, it is healthy and can do wonders.

Here are 8 reasons why keratin is great for your hair…

Goodbye Frizz

Those who have frizzy hair know the bane of taking care of it only too well. Keratin removes all of of the frizz and leaves behind a lustrous and straight mane. It is believed that this wonder ingredient also works well on hair that is damaged due to dryness and humidity.

Reduced Blow-Drying

While blow-drying can give you the look that you want, it is time-consuming and can also cause damage to the strands. The keratin treatment gives you silky, straight and non-frizzy tresses and thus reduces the need for blow-drying to a great extent.

Preserve and enhance hair colour

Getting keratin treatment over colour prolongs the period of time it stays on. The fact that hot flat iron is used to seal the keratin over hair strands also means that whatever colour you have on your hair gets sealed. The colour gets a further boost due to the shine and gloss of the mane.

Suit yourself!

The keratin treatment setup is completely adaptable to your needs. There are different types of treatments. For instance, some types only eliminate up to 70% of curl, while others just remove frizz and restore shine. You can ask your stylist to help you choose what will best suit your needs!

No more dry hair:

Keratin treatment does away with dullness and dryness. Since the protein is sealed onto hair strands, they don’t lose moisture, making them look nourished all the time!

Hair Nourishment

Natural keratin is lost due to the use of products. With the treatment, the it is restored, making it stronger, shinier and nourished. Because of the extra nourishment, even hair cuticles are repaired which means you will see reduced hair fall.

Reduced damage:

Whether it is chemicals or a flat iron, the products used to maintain looks inflicts damage. This accumulates over time resulting in hair fall and damaged hair. Keratin treatment eliminates the need for most products, making tresses not only stronger but also subjecting it to less torture.

Low cost on maintenance:

Naturally, once you have lesser products to use, you will save money on the different products as well as parlour visits.

Before you opt for the treatment, here are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Do not wash your hair for three to four days after the treatment. It takes some time for the effect to sink in.
  • While keratin does not damage the hair, the hot iron used to seal it might. So, ensure that that the temperature is not too high and that it is done by a professional.
  • To help the treatment last longer, use a sodium-sulfate-free shampoo while washing.
  • If you are suffering from severe hair fall, psoriasis or any other hair issue, it is best that you consult with your dermatologist before you go for a treatment.

Once you get a go ahead from your dermatologist, you can go for this treatment. You can even opt for products that have keratin in them for smooth and silky hair.

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