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The 5th annual London Men’s Fashion Week held on June recently came to a close and as always, gave viewers a glamorous and exhilarating experience! Patterns, silhouettes and colours all played together to display the work of designers of the ilk of KTZ, Qasimi and Vivienne Westwood. What really caught our attention though, were the hairstyles which were ever so in sync with the garments and gave each look an individual essence.

Here are a few hairstyle hacks for men who desire to obtain the looks!

#1 Buzz It Out

KTZ – London Fashion Week Men’s June 2017

This look features the ultimate buzz cut which accentuates your features and gives the strong jaw-lined man an even bolder look. Also known as “the textured crop” this is one of the most daring hairstyles as it involves shaving off all your hair! Consider the shape of your head and your face structure before sitting in the chair for this one.

How to get the look:
This is one of the easiest looks to achieve as it involves simply buzzing your hair off with a razor. However, to style it further, you can apply styling cream to get rid of the fuzziness or spray on some salt spray to texture your hair even further.

#2 The Shaggy Fringe

Qasimi  – London Fashion Week Men’s June 2017

Another look for the strong jawed, the fringe is a recurring trend over the past few seasons. The messy French crop combined with a fringe over the forehead is a classic and perfect to flaunt!

How to get the look:
Tell your barber to chop up all your hair into an even crop but leave the front and maybe trim it a little. Then, use a molding cream and massage it from your roots to your tips to create a wave or bounce. You may create your desired wave and partings. The possibilities are endless with this one!
Tip: If you have a fuller face, go for a fuller haircut.

#3 Classic Afro

Motoguo – London Fashion Week Men’s June 2017

The afro is one look which surprisingly goes well with all garments. While it is always in sync with the casual look, it acts as an accent or makes a statement with a formal attire. Although a high maintenance style, it is completely worth it if you want to make an impression.

How to get the look:
Shampoo and condition you hair and let it air dry. Make sure your hair is of sufficient length. Then take an afro comb and comb your hair upwards. If you wish for it to set, apply a shine spray
Tip: There is no need to style it too much as it is a natural look, just tell your barber to cut off the excess hair which is growing outwards.

#4 Shack Boy

St. James – London Fashion Week Men’s June 2017

This beachy look is an all-time favourite! To get a boyish look, one must see St James’ models. Allow your hair to grow mid length and obtain this style. This look is great as it goes with all face structures.

How to get the look:
Let your hair grow at least six inches long and then tell your barber to layer your hair slightly. Then apply salt spray to towel dried hair and then some styling cream to hold it in place.
Tip: If you have thinner and finer hair you will need to use more product. Make sure your hair is thick enough for the look.

#5 90s Shag

Christopher Raeburn – London Fashion Week Men’s June 2017

Long-haired boys, pay attention! The Kit Harrington look is back. It’s all about the layers and keeping it old-school. This look is perfect as it can be cut according to any face shape.

How to get the look:
Ask your barber to give you internal layers to maintain a heavy look and voluminous do, keeping in mind the structure of your face.
For thinner hair: Apply salt spray from the roots while wet and blow dry away from the scalp until almost dry.
For thick hair: Towel dry until damp and then scrunch the hair to get the waves.

Now whoever said that men cannot play around with their looks!

Image Source:  London Fashion Week Men’

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