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9 Ways to clean your oven

Here is how you can ensure a sparkling, stain-free and dirt-free oven...

“You can keep some half-cut lemons in your oven to make it smell fresh”

We know that cleaning the oven is a dreaded task that you would rather keep for later. And at times the whole process can get tricky too! To make your life simpler, we give you 9 simple tricks that will ensure a sparkling, stain-free and dirt-free oven.


Borax is a popular kitchen item that can be found in almost every household. Mix some borax powder with soap or hot water (make sure that the powder dilutes well with the liquid). Dip a hand brush or scrub into this solution and rub it on the glass, racks and the inside of the oven. Leave it there for some time (for best results, soak overnight) and wipe clean.


This is a multipurpose cleaning ingredient that can be used to clean different parts of the house. If you want to remove the entire gunk present in your oven effectively, make sure you are using vinegar. Mix some distilled white vinegar with water, blend well and spray it on the inside of the oven. Let it do its job for some time, and wipe it with a wet cloth or scrub pad.

Lemon and mint leaves  

Whenever you’re cleaning kitchen equipment like an oven, don’t miss out on lemons. This citric fruit can clean tough stains and give that extra hand to make your job easy. Just scrub it on the oil spill stains and rub it till you see it going off. Also, you can keep some half-cut lemons in your oven to make it smell fresh. Some homemakers also heat some mint leaves in a water container in the oven for a refreshing aroma.


This liquid has been used in cleaning the kitchen for decades in almost every part of the world. Also known as oven cleaner, ammonia can remove rigid stains from steel racks like an expert. Just take a tub, mix in some ammonia liquid in it and soak in the steel racks in it. After some time, you will see a cleaner version of your racks.

Baking soda 

This is an ultimate cleaning ingredient that is also the cheapest option that can be used to remove the dirtiest corners of the house. All you have to do is sprinkle some baking soda on the oven glass, insides of the oven and the racks as well. Keep this overnight or for a few hours. You will love how your oven will be shining after a wash. Also, we often find dirty corners on the top of the oven and on its handles as well. Your scrub pad cannot reach inside these tiny places. In such cases, just sprinkle some baking soda inside it and use an ear bud to wipe it clean.

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These days, you will find various types of detergents in the market. Which is why it can be difficult for you to pick up one that does the job in the best way. Find something that’s specifically made for your oven. Unlike the natural cleaners that might take time, detergents will help you clean the oven instantly, without any waiting or soaking. All you have to do is put some of it on your scrub pad and rub it on the stains. Wipe it for a few times with a wet cloth, and voila!


Salts like Kosher salt and Epsom salt are excellent cleaning agents for the kitchen. Just put it on your scrub pad and clean the oven. The acidic and antibacterial properties of salt work best for cleaning the oven and make sure it’s free of any germ build up as well. You can also mix in some salt in your other cleaners to enhance the cleaning process. Mix in some liquid soap, lemon juice in a bowl of salt and scrub it on the tough stains, if you have to clean the oven quickly.


Since centuries, Indian women have been using tamarind to clean their silver jewellery and copper/brass utensils. But, did you know that this secret ingredient can also be used to clean your oven? All you have to do is, take a small piece of tamarind and rub it on the dirty stains. Alternatively, you can take some tamarind pulp, apply on the tough marks and leave it for some time. Wipe it clean and you’ll be surprised to see how spotless your beloved kitchen gadget looks in the end.

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