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15 tricks to make your space look bigger

Take heed to these tips...

While we would all love to live in palatial apartments, sometimes it is not possible. But fret not, as there are creative ways to make your space look bigger. Take heed to these tips…

Get in some mirrors

Be it in any size, the more the mirrors, the better it is. When you can see yourself, you get an illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. You can place mirrors in artistic frames, or cover half a wall with an oversized mirror. The best part is that you won’t have to spend much on them, as these can be locally sourced.

Avoid large curtains

If you have a door or a window, you can skip using a curtain for it, especially the ones that are thick and oversized. If you really want to cover the window up, go for blinds or white- or cream-coloured curtain in a thin material, as light-coloured curtains can maximize the space effectively.

Make use of lighting

Lights add a subtle charm to a space, and make it look vibrant and expansive. Apart from table lamps, you can look at hanging lamps and even those delicate strings of lights that can make your room look cosy. If you are on a budget, you can go for paper lamps that can be used on both casual and festive days.

Think vertical

When your space is decorated and well organised, it will look appealing. But when you have a lack of area, it can become a challenge. Think of wall desks and shelves that can be used to store items like jewellery, books, etc. These long décor items will not take much space, and can be of great use as well. Vertical gardening, when done smartly, can also make your space look bigger and beautiful.

Bring in light colours

Although there are no rules attached to paint a small space, ideally, you should go for light, pastel shades. White walls and furniture can easily make your room look large. Light colours like pistachio green, chalk yellow and ice blue can also bring the natural or artificial light in focus, as compared to dark shades like burgundy.

Colour those windows

You can skip having windows and curtains in your small home, but if you do have windows, you should paint them well, so that they stand out and make the space look large. Bright-coloured windows stand out, and lend an impressive touch to the existing décor.

Bring in natural light

If you have to select a house for rent or buying purposes, go for the one that has lots of natural light available in the space. If a flat or apartment has no natural light, it will look gloomy and dense, but if there is lots of light, it can still be done up into a dream house. When you have a small area, create some space for windows and transform its look into an airy space.

Use stripes through upholstery

Stripes lend a delusion of a huge space. Whether it is for your sofas or carpets, you can choose stripes in monochrome colours to make the place stand out.

Buy furniture with legs

Heavy sofas and lounge chairs occupy too much space and there’s hardly any leg space left. Opt for chairs, sofas and other furniture pieces with legs, wherein one can get the entire view of the floors. What’s more, these wooden items won’t make your space look compact.

Keep the décor minimal

Ideally, you should not hoard too many things and keep them in a small space. In this case, less is more, and if you want to play it safe, opt for statement décor items only. Minimal décor is all about buying what you essentially need like a dining table for two. It will save space, money and keep room for kids to play.

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Invest in multi-purpose décor items

When you’re out, buying furniture and other home essentials for your small house, look for items that can be used for more than one purpose. For example, go for a dining table which can hide the seats inside its table, or a glass panel that can be used as a table and as a bar cabinet door as well. These are design tricks that won’t hamper your space in any way, and make your abode look spacious.

Go for artwork and wall frames

Wall art pieces, paintings and photo frames can not only add a personal touch, but also offer a way to use a tiny space creatively, as you don’t have a large area to decorate. Plus, your home visitors will get a feel of a bigger space.

Colour coordinate the space

When doing the décor, go for monochrome colours that go really well with each other. This is the safest colour trick that won’t make your space look congested.

Avoid heavy textures

Whether it is your dining table cover, sofa cover or decorative pieces kept on the table tops, avoid picking things that look over-the-top, dark and are heavily embellished. These things will make your space look dark and small.

Use glass panels

The last tip is one of the best ones to make your den look like a villa. For partition doors, tables, and wall shelves, go for glass material as it will have a huge impact on your home theme. A partition wall between a living room and the kitchen, dining space or balcony (when made with glass) can maximize the space without much effort.

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