9 skin care tips for the monsoon

The humidity can take a toll on the way you look and feel.

We are right in between the monsoon season with two more months to go. If you are worried that your skin is feeling differently, then you are not alone. The humidity can take a toll on the way you look and feel. Keep your skin nourished and glowing with these simple yet essential tips:

Clean, and clean well! 

Clean your skin at least 3 times a day to remove excess oil that can clog your pores and remove the dead cells that accumulate over time. Take your time to do the cleansing. Being in a hurry will result into bacterial infections and breakouts.

Choose a face scrub that suits your skin type.

Don’t forget the toner Toning your skin to maintain its pH balance is also important for that radiant glow. Use a non-alcoholic variety to apply on your skin.


The rains bring humidity which can make your skin dry! You need to moisturise it with a product that suits your skin type. If your skin type is oily, then you would want to go for a water-based product to keep the excess oil in check! On the other hand, if your skin keeps dry, use rose water and glycerine too.

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Protect against the sun

While the cloud cover does seem to give the impression that you’re protected from the sun, that isn’t really true! Use a sunscreen according to your skin type to ensure you don’t suffer from UV damage.

Eat and drink well

As is the case with most things, eating healthy and drinking enough water will also show on your skin. Stay hydrated with 5-8 glasses of water a day. Eat wholesome foods that ensure that your body has the vitamins and fats (yes! fats!) to keep your skin repaired and moist.

Use simple home remedies

Your kitchen is full of products you can use to you’re your skin healthy. For instance, use coconut oil on your lips before sleeping to keep them soft and moisturized. Oatmeal scrub can be used for taking care of oily skin. Be sure to add a little honey to the oatmeal and apply over your face. For those who have dry skin, almond and honey can work wonders. All you have to do is to grind almond and then apply honey to mix it proportionately.

Don’t forget about your feet

When thinking about skin, people often forget about their feet. The thing to bear in mind is to let your feet breathe. Wearing closed footwear will make your feet sweat and that will lead to infections. The best idea is to wear open footwear like sandals and floaters.

Be wary of acne

Acne is one of the biggest problems that people with oily skin face during monsoon. To avoid acne, eat well. They’re usually caused by lack of vitamins and being on a balanced diet will go a long way to keep your skin healthier. Also, scrub your face with simple home remedies like neem paste or brown sugar in honey. Regular steaming can also open pores and keep acne at bay!

Make sure your scalp is on your radar

Taking care of your scalp will help you have better hair. If you use shampoo and conditioner twice a week otherwise, it would be better to do it more frequently during the rains

With these simple tips, you can have a glowing and spot-free skin this monsoon to enjoy the refreshing weather!

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