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8 Tips to make your clothes last longer and look brand new

You don’t want to buy an expensive shirt only to have it ruined during a wash.

Tip: Wash your jeans and print t-shirts inside out to keep them looking new for long.

You don’t want to buy an expensive shirt only to have it ruined during a wash. Or what about that stain on your child’s t-shirt that you just bought? To make your clothes last longer and preserve them as good as new, follow these simple tips.

  1. Always follow fabric care instructions for each item of clothing.

If you follow the washing instructions for your clothing items, you can keep them looking like new for a long time. Simple instructions like using cold water to wash, dry clean for best results or hand-wash only on fabric care tags are given to help the clothes last longer. Follow the instructions for ironing your clothes too.

  1. Organize your laundry into separate piles.

Always sort your clothes before dumping them all together in the washing machine. Wash your whites separately. Same applies to all delicate clothes. If your jackets or tops have metal designs or zippers, keep them away from other clothes so as to not snag any fiber. Also, if a colour bleeds, it is best to wash it separately by hand.

  1. Use the right laundry detergent.

Buy good quality laundry detergent and refrain from using it in excess for each load. Use a fabric softener, if needed, but sparingly. If your clothes need a sparkling boost every now and then, just use some baking powder along with your usual detergent.

  1. Remove stains right away.

Even if you can’t go for the full rigorous wash at the time of staining, at least, clean the fabric with water. This way you can ensure that the stain doesn’t settle well into the fabric threads. Use laundry detergents formulated especially for removing stains. You can also soak stained clothes in a solution of water, detergent and salt for a few hours before washing them.

Opt for a good stain remover liquid.

  1. Wash correctly

Wash your jeans and print t-shirts inside out to keep them looking new for long. Inside out washing of jeans also protects the zipper and buttons on them from breakage. In fact, it is a good idea to make it a habit to turn all t-shirts and pants inside out to make them last longer.

  1. Iron them well.

Not ironing the clothes right can ruin clothes easily. Always take care not to directly iron over any print or embroidery pattern. Turn the clothes inside out before ironing to remove the wrinkles well. Or cover delicate patterns with a thin cotton fabric like a handkerchief and then iron them.

Also, use the right heat setting on your iron for each type of fabric. Invest in an iron with a steam setting to keep your cotton and linen shirts crisp. Even if you use professional laundry or ironing services, it is a good idea to iron your silks, patterned tops and delicates at home.

  1. Store your clothes well.

Storing clothes properly is as important to keep them looking brand new.

  • Always dry out your suits, silks and expensive clothes before folding them away or putting them in a closet. Even if you are going to dry clean them later, it is important to fold them properly. Just place these clothes under the ceiling fan for 15-20 minutes or keep the windows open and let the air dry them out.
  • Fold all wool sweaters and place them on a shelf. If you use hangers to store them, the wool can lose its shape.
  • Buy good quality hangers to help your clothes retain their shape well. Wooden hangers are your best option for heavier clothes. If you find them pricier, think of these as an investment. Sturdy hangers last a long time. So, in the long-term, the initial cost can seem like a wiser choice.
  • Buy nice canvas storage bags for suits and all clothes you won’t be using for a while.
  • Keep your closets free from any dampness. If the nearby walls have a damp spot, it can seep into your wardrobe. Tackle the dampness promptly with professional help lest you destroy all silks and expensive clothes with mold and moisture.
  1. Pay attention to tiny details.

Often, the difference between a well-preserved item of clothing and the one that is not can be just a matter of small details.

  • For instance, protect the clothes from perfumes and makeup. It is always good to dress after you have used any antiperspirant product. Also, never apply any perfume over your clothes. Perfumed products can leave stain marks on your clothes and ruin them completely.
  • Take the same care with hairsprays and makeup products.
  • Hair dyes can leave ugly marks on your clothes. So, if you dye your hair, do it at least a day before you have to wear new clothes.

You see, with just some small adjustments, you can go a long way in protecting your clothes well.

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