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8 Wonderful Benefits of Neem Oil for Plants

Find out the benefits of neem oil for plants and how it helps to keep them healthy.

Did you know? Neem oil protects vegetables from fungus and bacteria.

Neem oil, derived from the leaves and seeds of the neem tree has acted as an effective pesticide for generations. It is one of the useful organic pesticides as it causes no harm to food, leaves no dangerous residue on soil and is not hazardous for kids and pets. The effective compound Azadirachtin is concentrated mostly in seeds from which the oil is extracted. Let us find out how it benefits the precious plants in our gardens and helps to keep them healthy.

Eco-friendly and causes no harm to pets

It can be quite challenging to find insecticides which are non-toxic and cause no harm to pets or kids who are quite vulnerable to toxic threats. One of the benefits of neem oil is that it eliminates the problem because it is biodegradable and is safe for livestock, pets and children. As compared to synthetic pesticides which can cause bodily harm upon contact, this wonder is organic as it is a natural derivative from the neem plant.

Helps in the growth of young plant

How often have we planted a tree and noticed its steady decline after a few days with a disappointing end with its death? There have been probably numerous instances of frustrating attempts to plant your favourite tree. It is not your fault; the culprit has been the synthetic fertilizers that you use. Neem oil has proven to be effective on young plants and can be quite beneficial for their growth. It also works nicely when applied as a soil drench, because it gets absorbed by the plant easily and gets evenly distributed through the tissues.

Helps to sustain beneficial earthworms

Even though the neem oil is active in killing harmful insects, it will never harm beneficial earthworms; rather it encourages earthworm activity as they are good for garden soil. Earthworms create a passageway though dirt, making way for air and water to reach plant roots. Their excrement rich in nutrients like potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen are really helpful for the soil. Even when they are dead, their decaying bodies can help to nurture the plants.

Using it to control insets in each phase of plant growth

The active ingredient, Azadirachtin in neem oil can easily kill insects in all its stages and stop it from eating leaves. The neem oil is known to work as a hormone disruptor, antifeedant and smothers insects if required. Once the insects come in contact with it, they will stop growing as Azadirachtin hampers the development cycle of insects preventing it from transforming to the next stage.

Controlling the lawn grubs

Lawn grubs are extremely harmful for your precious plants as they nibble on the roots and create tunnels in turfs making the soil dry and unproductive. One wonder element which can eradicate the problem completely is neem oil. Once you spray it, it will prevent these beetles from laying eggs. The wonder will also remove them from the root so that they cannot hamper plant growth. During rainy season, you can apply neem oil at night and repeat the process after a shower.

Safe for greenhouse and indoor plants

In the life of a gardener, there are many dreadful thoughts and one of them is to see your plants overrun with aphids. There have been disappointing seasons like this, but no more! Another benefit of neem oil on plants is that it prevents pests and disease. Perfect for indoor plants, because of their non-toxic nature, they are quite effective against pests like aphids. It is a known fact that the greenhouse creates favourable environment for the breeding of scale insects, whiteflies, aphids and mites. Get rid of these insects with the help of neem oil which ensures that your plants get a healthy environment to grow free of all such pests and mites.

Protects vegetables from fungus and bacteria

To prevent fungi and bacteria growth in your trees, you must spray neem oil on susceptible plants every seven days. It is known to be effective in destroying fire blight, a bacterial disease commonly noticed in growing plants. You must spray neem oil to destroy it in dormant stage; once it starts to spread, it might become difficult to control it. It kills arthropod pests which often eat vegetables. Spray in the evening and repeat the process in the morning to completely eliminate the chances of the arthropod pests coming back.

Helping your little kitchen garden grow

Wondering what you can do better to make your kitchen garden grow free of pests? Neem oil is your answer to your problems. You can spray it on the herbs in your kitchen garden. Some herbs are delicate like those with hairy and fuzzy leaves. As they are tender, you might want to apply a small portion, see how it responds to the oil and then increase the dose.

There are several benefits of neem oil for plants. It is a wonder agent for your garden; if you want your plants to grow properly, use this non-toxic organic element and see the difference!

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  1. This is a great blog post that highlights the many benefits of neem oil for plants. The author has done a fantastic job of explaining how neem oil can be used as a natural pesticide and fungicide, as well as promoting overall plant health. I appreciate the clear and concise writing style, as it makes the information easy to understand and apply. Overall, this blog post is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve the health and growth of their plants in a natural and eco-friendly way.

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