5 Simple Makeup Tips for the Lazy Girl

Try these methods to get a quick spotless face in minutes...

Who says makeup has to take more than 10 minutes a day? Whether you’re plain lazy or actually running late, applying a full face of makeup can be a daunting task. Getting that perfect cat eye or chiselled contour can be tricky on a rushed Monday morning. But instead of dreading your makeup routine, we recommend you try these methods to get a quick spotless face in minutes…

Swap your foundation for a CC cream:

A switch as simple as foundation to a CC cream can save you a good couple of minutes each day. Instead of investing time in blending across a thick foundation, use a good quality CC cream. It works like a moisturiser but provides adequate coverage when used generously.

Try the reverse contour

An easy way to attain a chiselled face (drawing attention to all the right places on your face) is to skip the contour! Well we mean try the reverse contour. Put the blush where you normally would but add highlighter to all the high points on your face. You can start by highlighting your cheek bones followed by your cupids bow and the length of your nose. This technique can give your face a nice definition without requiring a lot of time.

Use your highlighter in place of an eyeshadow

Blending an eyeshadow can take forever. Which is why swapping your eye shadow for a touch of highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes can not only make the job easier but also give you an alert look. You can continue blending the highlighter on your lids and finish the look with a black eyeliner.

Make your lips pop

Worried you look straight out of bed? Finish the look with a bright fruity lip colour or even a dashing red to jazz up the natural look. Use a translucent powder over any glossy lip colour to make it matte in seconds.

Invest in Micellar water and a setting spray

We all make mistakes while trying to apply makeup, which is why if you want to save up on time, you should invest in a bottle of micellar water. Use it with soft cotton to quickly fix mistakes. And not to forget, use a setting spray at the end of your makeup routine so you don’t have to keep touching up.

We are sure if you try even half of these tips, you’ll be able to save a lot of time each day!

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