Dos and don’ts of blow drying your hair

Blow drying has been a topic of debate since a long time. While many women prefer it, some believe it damages the tresses and causes them to fall. How you blow dry your hair can either give you a salon perfect blowout or leave your beautiful locks dull and damaged. The solution to this problem is doing it the right way. Here are a few dos and don’ts:

The Dos:

  1. Use on low heat

Excess heat is not good for the hair. As hair is made of protein, heat damages it. Using the dryer on a low heat setting can be as effective as the high heat setting. Here, you’re not exposing your strands to extreme temperatures. The good part? Your hair will get the shine you want without causing any damage.

  1. Use heat protectants

Apply a generous amount of a good quality heat protectant before you blow dry your hair. It not only prevents your strands from getting extremely heated, it also helps in taming the frizz. Make sure you invest in a high quality protectant before you heat treat your hair again.

  1. Keep Moving

Keep the dryer moving downwards while blow drying in order to prevent damage to your hair follicles and scalp.  Also, remember to keep the movement downwards only. Moving downwards keeps the cuticles flat and smooth.

Invest in a good quality blow dryer.

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t brush wet hair

Most of us are tempted to start brushing our hair right after we wash them. Using a hot blow dryer and brushing when your hair is wet can cause excess breakage. Wet hair is sensitive so it is always advised to air dry first.

  1. Don’t use a metal brush

Using metallic brushes can ultimately undo all your efforts of protecting your tresses. These brushes heat up very quickly causing heat to concentrate on your hair. This will denature the protein in your hair causing irreparable damage.

If you follow these simple steps before you decide to get a blowout next time, we’re sure you will end up with healthy, shiny, enviable locks!

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  1. Shruti Sadual

    Thank you so much for this advice. It’s actually working. 🙂

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