How to get flaunt-worthy nails 

Imagine someone having the perfect makeup, glossy hair and trendy outfit on. But when this person lifts her hand to point at something, you notice much to your dismay, unkempt and dirty nails. Spoils the whole look, doesn’t it? You certainly do not want to be in that position! For that very reason, we present to you some super simple tips to get flaunt-worthy nails.

Cut and trim

Let’s be practical, not everyone has the time to tend to super long nails. The good news is that they can look gorgeous at any length you choose to keep them. The key is to keep them shapely and trimmed in a uniform length. Cutting nails often will also help in keeping them clean. Also, please make sure that nothing is stuck behind them!

Avoid overuse of sanitizers

Yes, sanitizers are a boon, especially when you are travelling and need to get rid of the germs in your hand. But do not overuse them as most have an alcohol base. This alcohol makes the skin dry and causes the nail to become weak. Use sanitizers to maintain hygiene, but not more than necessary.

For healthy nails, you can opt for a nail care product like the nail hardener.

Use a good quality nail paint

They add freshness and a visual appeal to your hand. But always pick nail paints from reputed brands. Cheap brands compromise on quality by adding harmful chemicals in their formulations. These chemicals when come in contact with nail bed, damage the nails. So, stay away from the cheap ones!

Don’t cut the cuticle

Cuticles are present on the surface of nails for a purpose. It fights against any infection that can breed on your nails. Think of them as a warrior who protects the nail and nail bed. You should always push the cuticle with a cuticle pusher and not trim it! Use a light oil or cream to soften it before doing so.

Dab on the hand cream

Environmental factors, daily use of soap and other deterrents can make your hand very rough and damage the quality of nails. An ideal way to stop this is by using a moisturizer. Use a hand cream at night when you sleep. Massage it thoroughly and don’t forget the nails while doing so. This will make both your hand and nails look younger.

Avoid the over use of the nail polish remover

Changing nail paints is fun but not at the risk of losing its quality. Overuse of nail polish removers damages the nail, thereby making it brittle. You may find a lot of cheap options in the market but read the ingredients carefully before spending on them, as they can cause you more damage than good! Stick to ones that are not filled with harmful chemicals.

Stick to a trusted and quality brand when it comes to a nail polish remover.

If you incorporate these tips daily, it will help you in getting flaunt-worthy nails. Along with this, a good intake of proteins and minerals internally will help to strengthen them.

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