Mila Kunis eye makeup inspiration

Who can forget Mila Kunis from the movie ‘Friends with Benefits’? As a matter of fact, we have been a fan of the young and vibrant actress since her ‘That ‘70s Show’ days.  A true beauty, she is often seen with a smokey eye makeup, which beautifully highlight her almond shaped eyes.

Here is a step-by-step guide to achieve Mila Kunis’ smokey eye look.

A clear canvas…

To start off, moisturise your face with your daily moisturiser and follow with a primer. The later acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup, thus protecting your skin. Wait for a couple of minutes and then go for the foundation. Choose a dewy finish one since Mila Kunis always has a fresh and dewy skin. Use a sponge to evenly apply the foundation on to your face and neck. Next, apply a highlighting concealer under your eyes, bridge of your nose, chin, the tip of your nose and forehead. Blend all this nicely into the skin and set it with setting powder.


Next, contour the face lightly with a contour powder. Apply a peachy blush onto the cheeks just to warm up the skin. Add a highlighter to the cheek bones and all the other areas that were previously highlighted to bring in that glow to the face.


Frame the eyebrow by filling it with an eyebrow pencil. Fill it in such a way that it lifts the eyebrow. Now prime the eye lids with a skin tone eye primer and set it with a powder so that the eye makeup doesn’t crease. Put a taupe hued eyeshadow lightly all over the lid just to give a wash of colour to the lids. Now apply a warm brown eyeshadow to the crease and blend it. Use the same taupe shade to the lower lash line and blend. Tightline the eyes on the waterline and upper lash line with a black kajal. Now smear the same black kajal to the upper lash line and smoke it out. Highlight the tear duct and brow bone with a highlighter.

The final touches…

Glue on a false lash after curling the lashes with an eyelash curler and then apply mascara. Make sure to apply a coat onto lower lashes too. This will make the eyes look bigger. To complete the look, line the lip with a lip liner and fill it with a peach lip shade. Apply a coat of lip gloss to make it more appealing. To set the look, spray some makeup setting mist on the face and neck.

These are some simple steps to achieve the Mila Kunis eye. This look will extremely complement modern outfits, (particularly party outfits) and will also go along flawlessly with your festive attire.

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