8 tips for feet care

Your feet show how much you care about your body. Everyone wants a pretty face and a fit body but feet, the strongest workhorses are ignored by most. The good news is that caring for them is not as difficult as it sounds. Here are a few simple tips you can try regularly to keep your feet soft and gorgeous (remember they need special attention during the rough winters)…

  1. Wash-Soak

Wash your feet every day with warm water and a mild soap. If you have time, soak them in a bucket of warm water for five to ten minutes. You can add a bit of olive oil or essential oils too. A good exercise is to have a few marbles in the bucket to roll your feet. This will stimulate the nerve endings and prevent the build-up of dead cells.

  1. Moisturise

We apply a good amount of moisturiser all over our body but forget to do the same for our feet. Follow the soak with a light moisturizer every day. This will keep your feet protected as well as soft in the long run.

  1. Wear shoes that fit right

Wearing shoes that are too tight or loose can inevitably harm your feet. Tight shoes can cause varicose veins by decreasing blood circulation. The wrong kind of shoes will give your blisters and cuts. Finding comfortable ones can be very helpful for your feet health.

  1. Massage

Once a week, take ten-fifteen minutes out to give your feet a good massage with a body butter or essential oil. You can also use peppermint oil to keep your nerve endings stimulated.

  1. Trim your Toenails

Keep your toenails trimmed to a suitable length to avoid chipped and broken nails. This prevents ailments and ingrown toenails.

  1. Socks for dry skin

If you have dry skin issues on your feet, all you need to do is apply a good hydrating moisturiser before you sleep. Don’t forget to put on comfortable cotton socks overnight to wake up with baby soft feet. Use a cream with Vitamin E for better results.

  1. Let your feet breathe

Wearing nylon socks or tight footwear for too long can cause your feet to smell. You don’t want that do you? Avoid wearing the same shoes two days in a row. And if you have to, take them off whenever you can to let your feet breathe.

  1. Corns and Calluses

A build-up of dead skin will eventually lead to corns and calluses that become very painful. If you have to wear heels often, you might have experienced corns. Use a pumice stone after warm water soaks to file out corns and calluses. Regular scrubbing and moisturising will help you prevent any.

If you follow these tips regularly, we guarantee you flawlessly beautiful feet!

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