Rose water – the ideal beauty enhancer  

It is believed that the beauty goddess Cleopatra extensively used rose water in her beauty regime. Extracted from the fragrant rose flower (mainly by the process of distillation), this wonder has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It hydrates and moisturises the skin, soothes the rashes and does a whole lot more! Here we list some of the benefits and uses of rose water…


Rose water is a multi-tasker in itself. It can be accommodated in the daily beauty routine with much ease. You can begin to use this beauty enhancer as a toner. It helps in tightening the pores of the skin and keeps it looking fresh for a long time.

Fast Mist

This fragrant water can also be used as a face mist. Just fill it in a spray bottle and store it in the fridge. When you feel dull, spritz it onto your skin will infuse life into it instantly! It is ideal for hydrating and revitalizing the skin.


This wonder is great to use in your face packs. Just swap it in the place of water. While the pack/mask will do its own magic, the rose water will help in toning and beautifying the skin. It also helps in removing the excess oil secretions from the surface, thereby making the face appear less greasy.

For soothing the skin

Since this water has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in bringing down the redness that appears on the skin. Take few drops on a cotton pad and wipe gently all over the face. It will sooth down the skin and reduce the redness.

Makeup remover

Makeup removal is a job in itself. Why go for all those expensive makeup removers that are filled with chemicals, when you have natural rosewater with you? Just mix equal portions of olive oil or coconut oil to rosewater and use that to remove makeup. Cleanse with a mild cleanser and you will be left with a clean makeup-free skin.

There is no doubt that rose water works magic on the skin! Incorporate it into your beauty regime to see the difference.

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