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8 Ways to pamper your pooch

Everyone deserves to be pampered; even your precious dog. Remember how your pet always makes you feel special, doing adorable things, wagging his/her tail around you and bringing a smile to your face? It’s time to return the love and spoil them too.

Here are some ways you can pamper your pooch and make him/her feel loved…

Treats and Goodies – Nobody loves treats like a dog does! Homemade dog treats are great. But if that is too much of a hassle for you, you can always go for ones made by trusted brands. Your canine friends are especially fond of jerky treats. Find munchies that are both appetizing as well as healthy. Or, just pour out a gravy meal and let him/her have a good slurp.

Paw pedicure – Visit a grooming salon to give your pooch’s paws a pretty makeover. Make sure that your pet is comfortable with getting his/her paws worked on. Also, while trimming their nails, be extra careful that you don’t get close to the blood vessels.

Massage Time – Your pet needs to de-stress too! Petting and tummy rubs are normal; but why not go a step ahead and give your furry baby a soothing massage? Visit a therapist for a relaxing massage and spa. However, if you plan to do it yourself at home, that’s a great idea too! Your dog won’t judge you for not being a professional.

Play Time – Dogs are always up for fun activities with their favourite human. Make playtime interesting by adding new games to the list. Go beyond the usual fetch and tug-of-war; try some new games like ‘Find the treats’ or ‘Hide and seek’.

Doggy’s Day Out –Spend some quality time with your buddy. Pack your bags and go on a day out or a long drive. Before you go, make sure he/she is comfortable travelling long distances.

Crafting memories – Another way to make him/her feel special is by working on craft projects together. Use your art supplies to create a colourful paw-print art. Make sure that you avoid using toxic paints and wipe your dog’s paws clean once he/she is done making his/her masterpiece.

Walks – Dogs enjoy being surrounded by nature. Take your pet out for special walks to the park and let him/her socialize. He can have his own time sniffing, running and rolling on the grass. Don’t forget to carry some of his/her favourite treats: dogs are always ready for a treat break!

Smile Check – Remember, in all this, your buddy’s teeth also need pampering. Make teeth-cleaning fun for him by giving him his favourite chew treats. That’s the best way to please his tongue as well as keep him healthy.

There are so many ways to tell your furry friend how much you treasure him/her. It’s up to you how you make them feel!

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