Face washes for your skin type

Believe it or not, a face wash plays an important role when it comes to skin care. What you use to cleanse your precious face makes a big difference in the way it appears. A harsh product can strip away the natural oils leaving it itchy and dry whereas a one that is too mild will not get rid of all the dirt, causing clogged pores and breakouts. The best bet is to use a face wash as per your skin type so that it addresses specific concerns. Here we list some of them…

Normal Skin

Many agree that people with normal skin are the luckiest among the lot. This skin type stays at a pH level of about 4.5, which is just perfect as it is not too oily nor too dry.

But having said that, it does not make face cleanser selection any easier. When it comes to daily use, look for one that does not contain alcohol as it can prove to be harsh. You can try Ponds Daily Face Wash which is gentle on skin and is suitable for frequent use. Thanks to the combination of glycerine and Vitamin E, it makes skin look fresh after each use.

Oily Skin

While it is great to have a bit of lustre on the face, excess oil can be a bane. It’s like a magnet to the dust and grime out that which can, in turn, lead to a breakout. To keep grease at bay and make sure that your skin does not become a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria, use a product that has cleansing as well as healing properties. You can go for something like the Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash that is soap free and has neem (which is antibacterial and helps prevent breakout) and haldi (known for its anti-inflammatory properties).

Though you have oily skin, remember to use a light water based moisturizer after every time you use a face wash.

Dry Skin

Dry skin comes with its own issues, that of itchiness and lack of moisture. But since there is a lot of pollution and dust outside, cleansing is a must. It is best to go for a product that delicately cleanses as well as hydrates the skin.

Try from a range of Lakme Face Washes, they have many variants of fruit blast face washes which are packed with the goodness of fruit nutrients which are mild on the skin to help retain moisture. You can also opt for something like the TVAM Face Wash – Almond & Sandal which is made for dry skin.

Combination Skin

This is kind of tricky skin situation to handle, you have oily t-zone and the rest of your face tends to be dry. Choosing a face cleanser for a skin that is a mixture of several skin types is not easy.

The secret lies in picking up something that keeps your oil areas in check without drying out other parts of the face. It should control acne and yet not cause any reaction on your sensitive skin. Look for face wash containing salicylic acid or peppermint; they don’t harm the skin much while giving a deep cleansing effect.

With so many specific face washes made to suit your skin types and help resolve your skin woes, there can be no excuse for not washing your face before going to bed.

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