7 Korean beauty secrets

Haven’t you always wondered how Korean celebrities look so young and flawless all the time? It might be in their genes, but then again, it also might be the effort they put in along with time-tested beauty secrets.

Read on to find out more about Korean beauty hacks that you can follow too…

Double Cleansing

Normal cleansing is not enough to remove all extra dirt from your skin. Koreans are said to follow a practice of double cleansing. As the name suggests, it means cleaning the face two times. The first is with an oil-based cleanser that removes external impurities. The second step is cleansing with foam based cleanser. This ensures that the skin is thoroughly cleaned without stripping away moisture from the skin.

You can opt for a gentle deep pore cleanser.


It is believed that whenever they apply any product on the skin, they make sure to do a proper massage. This entails an upward stroke which doesn’t allow the skin to sag or age. Also, this massage increases blood circulation and gives a glow to the face. An ideal one every day will last 2-3 minutes.

Sheet Masks

Koreans made sheet masks quite popular in India. They are an easy way to treat the skin. Just place the mask carefully on the face and let it sit there for 15 minutes. You can relax meanwhile. It provides hydration as well as other benefits to the skin. The serums present in these sheets masks soak into the skin deeply and provide nourishment. Using this wonder daily can help you immensely in making your skin youthful and plump.

Proper skincare routine

They believe in the magic of their 10 -step skincare routine. It consists of oil cleanser, foam cleanser exfoliation, toner, essence, serum, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturizer and night cream. It might seem a lot but the combination of these provides complete care and nourishment to the skin. Also, they tend to visit dermatologist frequently. This to get specific treatment of the skin often.

Opt for a moisturiser that suits your skin type.


Koreans understand that sun protection is a must. Even if there are indoors, they never forget to apply one. Reapplication is the key to effective sun protection. It is recommended that you must reapply your sunscreen based on its SPF range. Also, ensure that you have high PA + factor in your product.

Select from a wide range of sunscreens. 


Hydration is very important to them. They have a lot of fruits mainly which contains Vitamin-C. This vitamin helps in building up the collagen level of the skin. It gives a firm attractive look and helps in delaying ageing of the skin.

Being religious about skincare

Skincare to then is more important than makeup. They are believed to follow their beauty routine religiously every day without any skip.

A good face scrub helps remove impurities from the skin.

All this is time-consuming but it will surely work magic on your skin!

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