7 Effective DIY scrubs for glowing skin

With time, dead cells accumulate on our skin, creating a barrier for moisturisers to penetrate and work their magic. Thus, dullness and dryness still prevail. The best way to get rid of dead skins and all the grime is to exfoliate it from time to time.

Here are a few easy homemade scrubs that reveal a youthful and glowing skin…

Oatmeal, Sugar and Yoghurt

Mix equal parts of powdered oatmeal, sugar and yoghurt in a container. This rejuvenating scrub is ideal for those who have dry and flaky skin. Oatmeal polishes the skin and makes it soft whereas curd brightens and improves the complexion. Sugar further exfoliates, resulting in a lovely glow. As the scrub contains yoghurt, it is best to prepare it in fresh batches.

Tomato and Brown Sugar

Cut thin slices of ripe tomato and dip into a bowl of brown sugar. Rub the slice against the skin to polish and reveal radiant glowing skin. Tomato also acts as an astringent and helps reduce blackheads.

Honey, Lemon and Sugar

The combination of honey, lemon and sugar provide multiple benefits to the skin including deep cleansing, nourishing and brightening it. Honey contains antibacterial properties and is also known to better the complexion. Lemon can help brighten and lighten the skin. To be on the safer side, you can do a patch test to see if it suits your skin.

Cucumber, Mint and Sugar

Cucumber is a skin refresher that is packed with antioxidants. It is known to calm skin breakouts and lessen swelling. Cucumber, mint and sugar scrub is an excellent recipe to revive dry, dull and sluggish skin. All you have to do is add granulated sugar to the puree of cucumber and mint leaves. If you wish, you can also sprinkle a few drops of your favourite essential oil just before using on the skin.

Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Sugar

Take half cup granulated sugar and add 2 spoons each of coconut oil and olive oil. Mix well until the entire cup of sugar is wet with oil. Rub gently on the face to enjoy squeaky clean polished and radiant skin. Coconut has both antibacterial and antifungal properties. Olive oil is full of antioxidants and is hydrating. Together, they work wonders.

Almond and Honey

An almond and honey scrub can be thought of for those with sensitive skin. The recipe is simple, you have to mix pure honey with coarsely powdered almond. Almond is highly effective as it is filled with nutrients that are good for the skin. The dry fruit is gentle on skin and cleans the pores whereas honey has the power to kill the bacteria on the skin.

Cinnamon, Walnut and Apple

This is a beauty recipe which also doubles as a delicious apple crumble recipe. You will need half of a medium-sized apple. Peel and make a smooth thick paste. Add crushed powder of walnut and cinnamon. Also, add 2 drops of lavender essential oil and mix well.

Sugar scrubs are more suitable for face and neck, yes; do not forget to scrub your neck as well. To use these recipes as body scrubs, replace sugar with salt, sea salt or Epsom salt.

Another tip to follow while using scrubs is that preferably use them at night just before bedtime.

How often do you use a scrub and which is your favourite recipe? Do comment below…

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