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7 Smart ways to pack a mess-proof lunchbox

It might have happened to you and your children may have complained as well. You open your tiffin box or lunch box at breaks and shiver at the ghastly sight of a messy reminder of what-might-have-been a chicken sandwich. Or the juice container has completely spilt its precious liquid making their lovely impression on your important documents. The damage was done and there was nothing you could do! In order to prevent more such mishaps, check out these smart ways for packing a spill-proof lunch box.

Before selecting the container, think about the contents:

There are some fruits like apples which can endure bruises and jostles and even smashes. But the delicate darlings such as peaches, pears, and berries may not be so tough and are easily smashed. This may not look appetising to your kid. It is best to wrap such fruits with a soft towel and put it in a separate box. It is quite difficult to predict how the child will handle the lunch box before actually eating its contents. Why take a chance and pack foods like a cupcake in a plastic bag? Ideally, it is best to avoid food items which may get damaged in transit.

Separate the liquid from solid

If your child is not a big fan of sandwiches and prefers liquid over solids, it is good to buy a good thermos because this will hold the soup perfectly and keep it warm till lunch time. Choose a kid-friendly thermos, preferably with a wide mouth so that it is easier to pour its contents. Thermos is a great way to keep your hot foods warm for at least six hours.

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Invest in a good lunch box

Whether you want a lunch box for office or for your kid, you should always look for a product with ample storage capacity; preferably get one with insulation. Good insulation and freezer pack ensure that your food will be fresh until lunchtime which may be six to seven hours away from cooking. Also, it is good to get a tiffin box which is easy to clean, because, at the end of the day, you may not have the energy to get rid of all the stains and spills.

To store multiple food items seperately, opt for something which comes with many boxes.

Keeping small jars for condiments

Mason jars are probably the most understated but obviously one of the brilliant ways to keep your condiments intact. They are great containers; not only are they easy to pack, but they are easy to clean as well. And most importantly, they are durable products which will last for years. If you are packing desserts, it is always good to put them in mason jars. And they come quite handy for storing smaller portions of jam, butter or pickles in case you are packing a paratha.

You can opt for a traditional stainless steel box for food items like dal, rice and sabji.

Use aluminium foils for messy food

If you are packing a full lunch comprising of dal, roti, sabzi and a chicken or fish, you should use aluminium foil, a full-proof way of ensuring that the gravy or curry do not spill over. Pack the content separately, and if you are unsure whether the aluminium foil can contain the gravy items, it is best to pack them in small containers. Aluminium foils are great ways to keep your food warm as well.

DIY methods to make your lunchbox leak-proof

When it comes to runny food items, the leak-proof containers can fail at times, especially when they are handled by smaller children. What you can do is cut a small plastic wrap and put it over the compartment where you have stored the runny food item and put the lid firmly on. The plastic wrap will act as the leak-barrier and stop the food from spilling over. This will work if the aluminium foil fails to keep the gravy or curry inside the compartment of the lunch box.

Using picks or paper towels to keep the content in compartments

One of the best ways to keep the food items intact and safe within the compartments is by putting a paper towel over dry items to keep them in place. You can also use pricks to keep things in place so that they do not loiter even when the lunch box is not carried properly! This is required especially for children who often carry the lunch boxes upside down and create a topsy-turvy situation within the lunch box. You can also use natural ingredients like a little bit of honey to glue the sandwiches or the crackers in the tiffin box.

And next time when you open your lunch box, you will be glad to find all the items intact and without a mess! So, enjoy your food and have a happy clutter-free meal!

An electric lunch box is handy to keep meals fresh and hot. 

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