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How to identify an organic apple

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” went the adage. Then, in the times of the yore, it was easy to point to that therapeutic apple and enjoy it, thus keeping the doctor at bay.

But in today’s times, you have a choice of organic and non-organic apples to choose from. With organic food and fruits taking the centre stage in our grocery carts, it has now become important to know how to select your desired apple.

This health food must go in your shopping bag and right into your stomach, of course. It is good for health and calms a hungry stomach. While a lot is being said about GMO produce and natural food products, you may be, by now tilting towards buying organic apples. To make it easier for you to choose your organic fruit, we list a few points that you can apply when reaching for your choice.

Organic section

If you are health freak and want to go only for organic apples, it is best to go to the counter or section that offers organic/ natural food products. As per the rules and directive of NPOP and its regulating bodies, all organic produce need to follow a process to be certified.  The food products are then labelled accordingly. This ensures that a consumer is buying the authentic organic items.


Another differentiator is the fragrance. Fresh, naturally produced apple have that unmistakably distinctly divine flavour as compared to the ones cultivated through non-organic methods.


Apples grown conventionally are larger in size as they are enlarged with water. Moreover, the size is so because they are injected with growth hormones to make them look unnaturally large sized.  Naturally grown apples are reasonably smaller and are packed with nutrition and goodness…all that your doctors prescribed.


Have you sunk your teeth into organic apples? The crunchy taste of freshness is remarkable, healthy and juicy.  If the surface skin has some marks it is an indication that the apples are organic.  Conventional apples are distinctively different tartness and mouthfeel.

Don’t gloss over

Do your apples have a shine on them? The apples are probably coated with wax to get that gloss on them. It would be a good idea to properly wash and clean these apples before consuming it.

The ideal method to wash off the wax on the apples is to wash the fruit in warm water and clean it with a brush.  This will also help remove any chemical residue apart from surface wax.  Another popular method of removing surface wax is to take a little vinegar on a tissue and wiping the fruit with it.  Vinegar cleans away the wax.  In any situation, avoid peeling away the skin as it is power packed with cholesterol-lowering and heart-friendly nutrients.


Naturally grown apples oxidize easily, whereas conventionally grown apples don’t. So look out for the apples that brown faster.

Whether it is an organic or a non-organic variety, apples should be your preferred choice for a quick hungry snack when your stomach growls.  It is nutritious, high in fibre, power packed with vitamins and low in sugar. What more can we ask for in a healthy fruit! So an apple will any day keep the doctor further away from you than fast food will do.

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