8 Foods to ease menstrual cramps

It’s that time of the month and you are in a bad mood. Compounding your problem is the painful cramps that you have to deal with. While you wait for a comforting answer for your cry, “God, oh God Why?”, we have listed 8 foods that are soothers or PMS pain relievers. Here comes our list of super nutrients that will work as weapons against menstrual pain.


Banana tops our list of PMS friendly food as it contains potassium and vitamin B6 that prevents water retention. So, if you are hungry and angry, reach out for this humble fruit. Feel relieved. This fruit also gives a contented feeling making you happy.


A superfood, broccoli has given severe competition to other nutrients. This vegetable has health benefits that make it a perfect weapon to fight menstrual cramps. Besides calcium and vitamin E and A, our dear broccoli contains vitamin B6… (oh it’s here again). The big bonus is that this nutrient is rich in soluble fibre that relieves constipation and tunes in the estrogen levels in our body. So, steam or bake some broccoli. Sprinkle black pepper and salt and add a dash of butter. Have it as a side dish with your omelette. Bye, bye cramps!

Dark Chocolate:

No, we are not joking, neither are we being kind to you. We are telling you the absolute truth. Studies suggest that a bite into the luscious delicious bitter chocolate with a hint of sweet can enhance serotonin levels which takes care of your mood. It is also an energy booster. So, break a big piece, sit back and sink your teeth into the sweet nothings and bitter everything…lose yourself in the heavenly land of chocolate.

Potatoes and other foods rich in complex carbohydrate:

Potatoes, corn and peas, brown rice, rajma, broccoli, apples and all those delicious healthy consume alleviate cramps during menstruation. Additionally, they control sugar cravings. So dig any food from the vast variety of complex carbohydrate food which also includes fruits like oranges, plums, apricots and such.

Plain water:

Surprised? Water works as an important part of your menstrual diet. The reason being, it flushes out all the toxins as well as the sodium that leads to bloating. If you find plain paani yuck, squeeze lemon juice into it. Add salt and sugar to taste with a dash of jaljeera. It will work wonders in summers too.


Don’t we hold a candle for eggs? Now you know why. A powerhouse of nutrition, eggs fights PMS pain. It contains PMS pain busters and cramps like vitamin B6 (we are not surprised), vitamin E and D.


High in nutrition and good for the gut, yoghurt is also an excellent health spring of calcium. Having dahi and calcium-rich foods with added vitamin D brings down the chances of even having PMS.

Pumpkin seeds:

Yet another powerhouse of nutrient, pumpkin seeds is your perfect weapons against PMS and period pain. It contains magnesium which brings down bloating. The seeds are a mood booster as it contains serotonin. Besides, it contains the heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids and goes pumpkin…eat the seed.

So gals, don’t worry about the cramps and PMS, let it come. We have our ammunition ready.

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  1. Apart from these foods fenugreek taken with plain water also relives PMS cramps

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