How to use makeup to colour correct

Colour correcting is all the rage today. Reason being, it enables you to conceal skin problems and get that flawless finish makeup. The good news is that colour correcting is no rocket science, it is all about using the appropriate hue. Here, we throw light upon the same.

What colour correcting does

For those of you who are unaware, colour correcting is for those imperfections that peep through the foundation. It conceals them and forms an excellent base for your foundation. The trick to this is to use an opposite hue from the colour wheel to cancel out a colour. If your skin doesn’t need any correction, you can very well stick with only the foundation routine. Also, some heavy foundations should suffice as they have the capacity to cover up all imperfections.

Let us figure out what are the main correctors used in makeup…


You might face the situation where the rest of the face is even toned except one area. Most Indian ladies have this kind of problem near their mouth where only that area is dark. When you apply foundation here, it becomes ashy and grey which looks unsightly. This specific area would normally have a bluish- green pigmentation. To cover it, apply an orange corrector.

Please note: When buying an orange corrector, you should consider your skin tone. If you are the lighter side, you would need a light orange corrector while a darker skin tone requires a dark corrector. Too much orange can also ruin your makeup so always, try the corrector and then buy.

Deeper skin tones would find red corrector more helpful than orange. It cancels out any darkness like the one under the eyes or any pigmentation.


Redness is mainly caused by acne, allergies or rashes. As it would take time for the acne to subside, you would need a corrector to solve this problem. For cancelling out redness you need a green corrector. The shade would work across all skin tones.


Sometimes, the skin appears yellow due to bruises or sallow complexion. In such cases opt for a purple corrector. It enhances the complexion by brightening it up. Use may also use this if you have any age-related spots.

Dark circles

This happens when your skin has a bluish – violet hint. To tackle this, you need a mix of the orange and yellow corrector. Do keep in mind that the intensity varies for different skin tones. Those with fair skin tones can also use almond or peach corrector for this purpose.

One point to remember is not to go overboard with colour correcting. Do it only where it is required or else your whole makeup will be ruined!

Once your base is all set, you can apply your foundation to get photo ready!

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