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6 Simple and stylish ways to protect your hair from heat this summer

We all know that being under the sun for long can cause tanning as well as ageing of the skin, but did you realise the harm it can do to your hair too? Over-exposure can cause hair loss as the rays can alter the cycle of hair to a phase where it sheds. Studies have also found that sun rays also cause premature greying as well as thinning of hair.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered here! Read on to find out simple and stylish ways to protect your hair from the excessive heat this summer…

Bun hairstyle

Summer makes us sweat a lot and when the hair mixes up with this, it becomes a not so likeable situation! The easy way here is to tie all the hair neatly into a high bun. This way it shall remain in place and you will feel less hot. The more your hair is exposed to the sun, the more it can be damaging to it. So, this style works perfectly! You can even opt for two buns instead of one.

Buy the right styling product for that perfect hairstyle.

Hairspray with SPF

Adding a layer of hairspray will not only tame your hair but will also reflect sun rays. When you add a layer of oil or serum, it makes the sun rays difficult to reach the strands. Also, these hairsprays have the capacity to reduce the damage made by UVA and UVB rays.

Wear a hat

This is an obvious way to protect your head as well as hair from the damaging rays of the sun. Choose a hat that has wide coverage for greater protection.

Dupatta or Scarf

This piece of clothing is not only a style statement but also a great aid when you are out in the sun. Covering your head with a dupatta or scarf will take care of the situation. In case you are wearing any plain coloured outfit, opt for a contrasting shade of dupatta which will make the overall outfit more appealing.


A no-brainer actually! Umbrellas these days come with features of protecting us from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Also, they don’t let the heat pass that easily onto us when we are under it. Carrying an umbrella is something that we all skip for some or the other reason, but it is recommended that you use one this summer. Trust me! it shall do only good to you!

Go bandana

You can make any look of your bohemian by adding a bandana. It will not only help you in protecting the hair but also shall be a style statement in itself!

Keep all these points in your mind the next time you step out in the sun! Happy summer!

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