5 Popular lipstick colours for summer 2018

While you can play around with shades any time around, there are a few that especially pop out during a particular season. From strong intense ones or mild subtle tones, the trend changes and fashion gets a major upgrade. Here are few popular shades which are worth trying.


Do not underestimate the beauty of a simple brown lipstick. This versatile colour goes with any and every skin tone and is ideal for the scorching heat outside. Think of contrasting your fresh summery look with a toasted brown lip. This also works as you might want to take a break from glitter, metallic, or any other looks that might run and get sticky.

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Orange Red/ Coral Red

Red is a classic favourite that never goes out of style. Just that pop of colour is enough to transform the entire look. However, if you want to give this hue a summery twist, you can go for something as fiery and striking like an orangish red or coral red. It goes along perfectly with the warm weather outside.


Plum is another flattering hue that looks good on everyone. Plus, this shade can be worked around as per your taste. Depending on your summer mood, create a dark lip all the way you or opt for a light stain of the shade.

Matte is the new texture for the season. The most vibrant matte lipstick collection that allows you to create a glorious sculpted lip is the Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte Lipstick.

Summer Nude

No matter how much ever you like your bold red and loud pink colours on your lips, there are of course few days in between where all of us prefer to keep it simple. Beautiful brown based nude or pink brown neutral shades look great on the Indian olive skin.

Bright Deep Pink

When it comes to pink, it is not just plain pink to choose for this season. The summer demands a heavily one – like fuchsia pink, magenta pink, neon pink. The pigmentation should be such that you should be able to create a full colour blocked pout anytime.

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Do you have a different list of lipstick shades for this summer? Which is your favourite one?

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