How to select the right foundation as per your skin tone

Picking up the right foundation shade is a tricky business! If you go wrong somewhere then you will land up wasting the entire bottle. And if you do decide to still use it, you will either look ashy or whitewashed! The good news is that there is a way you can choose the right shade for yourself. Read ahead to find out what you should look for and how you can make a better pick.

Find your undertone

Undertones play a major role in deciding the best shade for you. You will have warmer undertone if you find more yellow in your skin tone and cooler undertone if you see more of pink or blue tones in your skin. If gold jewellery looks good on you then you have a warmer undertone and you have cooler undertone if silver looks better on your skin. After you have found your undertone then you can proceed in finding the shade that suits your undertone.

Try and buy

If you are a first-time foundation shopper, you opt for a try and buy. Go to a store that has various brands and try the product. Tell them your skin type and they will find a match for you. The SA might give you a shade that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Stay away! Tell them strictly that you need the closest match and that you don’t want to look any lighter! You want the hue to be as close to your skin possible. Once you know your brand and tone, it will be easier to shop for it online.

Where to test?                 

Where you test the product can also give you an accurate match. The best place to test the foundations is on your jawline, extending it to the chest area. This will help you in understanding which shade sinks into your skin tone.

Don’t be in a hurry

Foundation is an investment so don’t be in a hurry to buy one. Take time to choose and explore options. Your impulsive buy may end up burning a hole in your pocket if the shade is not a match. So, beware!

A bit dark tone doesn’t matter

Now, this might sound contradictory where everyone naturally goes for a lighter shade. Even if your foundation is a tad bit darker than your natural skin tone, it is not going to cause you any problem. If your natural skin is in the middle of a darker and lighter tone of a particular foundation, go for the darker one.

Test it multiple times

Have you faced the situation where you find the foundation to match yourself perfectly in the store but as soon as you go out in the natural light it looks unnatural? This happens because stores use yellow light that makes our skin look better and this light is different from the natural sunlight. The trick here is to apply the foundation and check in different lighting conditions. Only then you can confirm the shade match. Don’t be ashamed that you are trying foundations from different stores after all these testers are only meant to help you out in finding the right one for you!

Shade adjusting drops

These drops are God-given gifts for people who can’t find their perfect shade! The pigments can be used to darken or lighten your foundation shade to match your skin tone. You can even mix your foundations to get the right shade.

If you keep all these points in your mind then you can easily find your perfect shade. Remember that foundation only gives a uniform colour to your skin and you need corrector to hide what you might consider flaws. Also, don’t try to pile on too much foundation just to cover up any marks, as it will lead to cakey look like you have put on a mask!

Top suggested foundations to try:

Incolor Exposed Foundation

Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte with Poreless Foundation

ZUII ORGANIC Liquid Foundation

LA girl HD PRO Matte Foundation

Palladio Beauty Foundation Tube

GlamGals Ultra Water-proof Liquid Foundation

Don’t hesitate from testing what’s in the market. Eventually, you will find the perfect match!

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