Makeup tips for those who wear glasses

Wearing glasses should not hinder your love for applying makeup! It is true that many face the confusion of how to wear their eye makeup as spectacles can overshadow the eyes. Understanding what will suit you will and getting insights on some tricks will go a long way. Here are some tips for the same…


Always go for light coverage foundation and blend it well with your buffing or stippling brush. The most important area is the middle of the nose where the glasses rest. People often complain that the nose pads/the glasses remove the foundation from that area forming lines. The best solution for this is a light coverage foundation which is blended really well. If there are layers of product, it will tend to come off very easily. If your skin is oily, you can always go for a mattifying primer to avoid glasses slipping from the nose.


Powder the area around the glasses well so that it remains dry and matt all the time. Glasses tend to make the skin sweat a lot, so powder works well in that case.


They are the most important feature for those who wear glasses, and it often becomes difficult to understand what makeup to go for and how to do it. For quick looks, you can always opt for a dramatic cat eye/ winged eyeliner to enhance the eyes. But, if you want to create a whole look, you need to keep following things in mind.

There are two types of glasses; ones which magnify your eyes and others which make them smaller.

If you wear glasses which magnify your eyes, make your eyes more defined. You can go for smudged eyeliners on both lash lines just to give them a defined look. In terms of the eyeshadow, go for deeper matte shades. Be precise and careful with blending as your makeup gets highlighted a lot along with your eyes.

For the other kind of glasses which make your eyes smaller, the aim should be to open them up. You can use highlighter along the inner corners of your eyes or in the middle just to make them pop. Use very little of kohl and smudge it along the lash lines to give that barely there look. Go for a nude eye pencil on your waterline to open the eyes. Definitely curl your eyelashes and use long-lasting mascara.

Keep these tips in mind and rock great makeup looks with your favourite glasses.

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-By Kanika Bajaj, Makeup Expert and Trainer

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