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Post pregnancy belts, what a new mother should know

First of all, welcome to the world of motherhood! The joy of becoming a parent cannot be described in words. While the baby brings immense happiness, a new mother also struggles to get back into the previous shape. Pregnancy changes the physiology of a woman. The abdominal region expands considerably and so does the hip zone. The skin and muscles stretch to a considerable extent in order to create a homely environment for the baby to grow inside. Due to the increase in body weight of the baby, a mother experiences low back pain. After childbirth, it takes time to get back in shape as the muscles take time to shrink and regain its shape. In many cases, the extra skin on tummy often becomes permanent. While it is a small price to pay for your bundle of joy, you can take the aid of a maternity belt.

What is a maternity belt?

After childbirth, a mother is often concerned about reducing the weight she was carrying for so long. The maternity belt is designed to create a proper frame that will give an extra support to the body and also aid in reducing the extra tummy skin. It is a typical belt that holds your tummy tightly (without causing any discomfort) to provide support and ease your pain. The main function of the belt is to make sure that the internal organs are held back in their respective positions as the abdominal cavity is enlarged and has ample space.

The best way to choose a maternity belt is via consulting a doctor. Your gynaecologist will know what your exact physiological condition is. The expert will suggest the ideal product to ensure faster recovery from childbirth. If the childbirth is normal, you can start using the belt after a day. If there was a C-section then you should wait for several weeks before using the maternity belt. Let the wounds heal before you apply pressure on your abdomen. There are several layers in your tummy skin that take time to heal. Consider consulting a doctor before using a maternity belt.

Benefits of using maternity belts

The belts are usually made of light nylon fabric with a proper lining of comfortable fabric in order to avoid discomfort. They also have Velcro lining to adjust the circumference as per your requirement. Here is the list of benefits of wearing a maternity belt.

  • Alleviate back pain

You can easily alleviate your back pain by daily simple exercises recommended by the doctor. Apart from the exercises, using a maternity belt provides extra support to your lumbar region. You will be able to sit, stand and walk properly using the extra support from the belly belt. You can use Mee Mee Maternity Belt – Post Natal, L, White, 1 pc (Pack of 1). The design is specifically developed keeping the various needs and benefits of a new mother. The product offers immense support and comfort to your belly.

  • Baby tummy reduction

Your body releases relaxin, a specific hormone that relaxes the muscles of your rib cage, pelvis and abdomen to make space for the growing baby. It is one of the reasons why the abdominal part of a woman increases in size considerably. The increased volume can be reduced to a huge extent by using the maternity belt. Following a recommended diet and specific exercise regimens along with the maternity belt will help reduce your abdomen and hip fat and return to the original shape.

  • C-section recovery

Although you can wear a belly belt after a couple of weeks of the childbirth, it can help in recovering from the C-section wound fast as well. The support will let the skin and muscles heal faster. Mee Mee Corset Belt – Maternity, Post Natal, XL, Yellow, 1 pc is the ideal item to choose and recover from the wound.

Please note: If you have had a C-section or any complications, please consult with your gynaecologist about when you can start wearing the belt. It is often advised to not wear it on the stiches.

  • Baby feeding becomes easier

As mentioned earlier, you can sit, stand and walk easily with the use of such belts. You will also feel comfortable to feed your baby after wearing these belts. It will support your body weight and make you comfortable while feeding your baby.

The new change in life can be overwhelming for you. Embrace the support of these belts and enjoy your motherhood. However, if you feel a sense of discomfort, it is best to check with your doctor.

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