Groom those brows right with these tips and tricks

If you have been following the latest beauty videos and trends, you know that a well-defined eyebrow is a prominent part of makeup. The truth is, investing some time in doing your brows can make a huge difference. It enhances the overall look and frames the face. For this, you will need the know some tricks and get the right product. Brow pencil, brow pomade, brow gel and what not, you have a wide variety available to help you along the way.

Here are few tips to get on fleek eyebrows…

Tricks that can help:

Shade selection

This is an important step when it comes to getting the perfect brows. Opt for a wrong one and you might land up looking like an alien! Always select a shade that matches your eyebrow perfectly or is a shade lighter. If you use a darker one then your brows will look unnatural!

Filling in the right manner

The way you fill eyebrows makes a whole lot of difference! Remember, you can’t go too heavy, the trick is to use a light hand while doing so. Start with small strokes and then build slowly. The easiest product to use is an eyebrow pencil like the Lakme Eyebrow pencil and  Deborah 24ore eyebrow pencil which due to its form is easy to use.

Here is a trick: Our eyebrows are light at the start and it gradually darkens to the end. To achieve the perfect colour, always fill lightly at the start and darken the end sharply with brow product.

Handy products:


Basiccare tweezers  and Bare essential straight tweezers are of great help in maintaining the shape of eyebrows and get rid of the unruly hairs. The lower portion of eyebrows and between the brows can easily be plucked with the help of a good tweezer. The good news is that since this removes the brow from the roots, it takes time for regrowth. So, you won’t have to rush soon to the parlour for shaping your eyebrows!

Brow Groomer

Before you start filling or plucking your eyebrows you need to see how they look (like how you will comb your hair before you cut it). To remove any knots and keep the brows neat, it is the best to brush it. Use a good brow and lash groomer to brush eyebrows and set them in place.

Eyebrow stencil

Not everyone can do eyebrows perfectly. Fret not! Eyebrow stencils are ideas for you. Just place this stencil on the eyebrow and mark the desired shape. You can easily groom it accordingly.

Brow Gel

The final step in your brow routine is to set them in place so that all the work you have done in filling them doesn’t go in vain! Use a clear brow gel that will stick all the tiny brows in place and ensure the colour stays in place for the longest duration.

Now that you know all this, go rock your fabulous eyebrows!

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Article by Shalini Srivastava

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