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7 Best budget-friendly products to get rid of frizzy hair 

Is your hair looking like a nest off late? Since we are no longer living in the 80s, we are sure you would rather have them all glossy and bouncy. But if the weather outside is proving to be a foe, there are ways to work around it. We list 7 best budget-friendly products to get rid of frizzy hair.

TRESemme Shampoo, Keratin Smooth with Argan Oil

From the house of Tresemme, this shampoo is excellent for frizzy hair. It contains Argan oil that nourishes the tresses and makes it manageable. Further, its keratin protein treats dryness (a bane associated with frizzy hair).  Thanks to the ingredients, the shampoo has the ability to control frizz for up to a couple of days and makes hair smooth. Use it like any other shampoo and rinse with cold water for better results.

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Dove Conditioner, Oxygen Moisture

No matter how pressed you are for time, do not forget to condition the hair after shampooing. The conditioner helps with the closing of hair cuticles that remain open after cleansing. This one from Dove has Oxyfusion Technology which infuses moisture into the hair stands. It is lightweight makes the tresses smoother in one use itself. Apply this to damp hair after shampooing and allow it to sink into the strands for at least 3 minutes before rinsing off.

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Dabur Badam Tail, 100% Pure Almond Oil

If you think your hair is damaged and needs intensive care, then almond oil is the answer for you. Dabur Badam Tail has an abundance of Vitamin -E in it that strengthens the hair from roots. Apply it to the scalp and gently massage for 10 minutes. Do this thrice a week and you shall see a great difference in the quality of your mane.

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Livon Detangling Hair Fluid, Silky Potion

An instant solution to your mane worries, the serum works great on dry as well as wet hair. This Livon hair serum coats the strands in such a way that all the cuticles are closed. It lends that shine and is a great help in detangling the hair. For best results, apply a coin-sized amount of this serum to your mane, when it is almost dry. Bonus, now your hair smells great too!

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Bare Essentials Detangling Brush

A detangling brush is a necessity when it comes to hair. The Bare Essentials brush is a sturdy one. Made of wood, it helps to keep the frizz at bay. Our tip is to start from the bottom and then go to the top.

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Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil

Oiling the hair might seem like a task, but the truth of the matter is it offers the right kind of nourishment to your precious mane. Even taking out 10 minutes and massaging your scalp will make a huge difference in the quality of the hair you have. We suggest going for a power packed solution, something along the lines of Patanjali’s oil that has bhringraj, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, aloe vera and many other potent ingredients that work together to control greying and promote hair growth. With regular use, you can tame the frizz.

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Aloe Veda Hair Protein Cream, Silk & Keratin

If your hair still lacks lustre after applying all the hair masks, try this cream. It is an intensive protein treatment that repairs the hair, brings backs that charm and makes it manageable. The cream can be used on natural as well as chemically treated hair. The product comes with several other bonuses such as offering UV protection, heat protection and minimizing chlorine damage. Apply this like hair serum and style it the way you wish.

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Say goodbye to the pesky frizz with these solutions.

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