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Different forms of cheese to amp up your dish

There are none who can think of melted, gooey cheese on anything, from pizza to toast, without salivating. Cheese is what gastronomical dreams are made up of. Watching it melt and bubble or crisp up over a dish is so satisfying. Not to mention, its rich aroma as it flitters through the air, leaving you spellbound and eager to dig in. So why wait? Here are some deliciously cheesy dishes that you can make at home.

Cheese Slices

Sliced cheese, the best thing since sliced bread! Sliced cheese is one of the easiest ingredients to use. Slap it between your sandwich before grilling or slip it over your burger filling while it’s still in the pan to see it gorgeously melt and ooze. The beauty of sliced cheese is how easily it melts into a creamy mush creating a luscious topping over anything. It can elevate normal, everyday bread to an indulgence.

Recipes worth trying:

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Cheese Block

This is truly a versatile block. Take a block of cheese and grate it on toast, sprinkle herbs of your choice, and dot it with ketchup for an easy, quick snack. Alternatively, you can stuff bite-sized pieces into roti dough rolling it out. When this roti touches the hot pan, the cheese inside will melt creating a delicious stuffing. A cheese block can also be grated generously over your pizza or the American classic cheese & macaroni. When baked, the cheese will give your dish a bubbly and crusty brown topping that is to die for.

Recipes worth trying:

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Shredded Cheese

Push the cheese through a grater or a shredder. Those superfine threads work amazingly on salads, lasagna, and soups. You can sprinkle them over tacos and pizza too. Blending grated cheese into a classic white sauce is also a great way to get your children to eat healthily. Just drizzle it over their veggies or serve it as a dip.

When you think shredded cheese think of different variants like Parmesan, Manchego, Cheddar, Mozzarella. They are commonly used in gratinated dishes as they are easier to melt and spread evenly over anything.

Recipes worth trying:

Cheese Spread

Another way to slather deliciousness over anything, from bagels to toast, is to use cheese spread. It makes for an ideal on-the-go breakfast. It also works well on chapati and canopies topped with deli meats or veggies. Just smoothen a dollop on any food canvas to enjoy a quick indulgence. They are creamy and packed with flavour. Cheese spreads also make a great dip for veggies and finger foods like chips and croquettes. The best part is that these come in a variety of different flavours like pepper and roasted garlic so that you never tired of scooping up some goodness.

Recipes worth trying:

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Cream Cheese

Luxuriant, soft, and creamy cheesecake is a classic favourite that stars our favourite ingredient, cream cheese. Cream cheese also makes a great dip when combined with fresh herbs and seasonings, an awesome spread on crackers, and an ideal frosting for cheesecakes and the likes. Its rich, lush flavour makes it great for cakes and pastries. You can also stir it into scrambled eggs or spread it between french toasts for some extra creaminess and an exceptional breakfast.

Recipes worth trying:

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With that, you have an epic repertoire of go-to cheesy recipes. Happy cooking!

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