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Amp up your dish with different forms of cheese

Imagine melted cheese on your toast. Your journey to gastronomical heaven begins when the hot cheese begins to melt and bubble. The rich aroma that it leaves filters the air makes even a hardcore non-lover, a fan.

Today, to keep you whistling that lovely song “Tu cheese badi hai mast, mast…” we talk about cheese, our eternal partner at the table. We throw light upon the different forms and how you can make the most of it…

Cheese Slices

Sliced only for you! This is a call out to all those who lead busy lives. Studies show that a bit of cheese is actually good for you. It is rich in calcium, protein and B12 vitamin. Because it is fermented, the good bacteria lend a helping hand in keeping you healthy. When in today’s day and age, you cannot afford to fall ill, chomping on a cheese is wise. Just put a slice of cheese in between your bread and munch on your way to office…yum! If you have more time, you can toast your sandwich on a hot tava and there, you get melted cheese. Too much yum!

Chef Anthony Huang, Executive Chef at Sheraton Grand, Brigade Gateway, Bangalore, lists some great cheese slice one can have in their toast.  Try Sharp Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Gouda, Brie to make perfect cheesy flavorful sandwiches or toast.

And we say, isn’t it a superb way to get your regular portion of protein and calcium?

Recipes worth trying:

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Cheese Block

This is truly a versatile block. Take a block of cheese and grate it on your toast. Sprinkle some herbs of your choice on it and dot with some ketchup.

Alternatively, you can just cut bite-size pieces into a roti dough before pushing it under the rolling pin. When you put your roti on the hot tava, the cheese inside it melts and overflows from the roti, giving your meal a nice twist. A block is otherwise used to grate cheese on your pizza and especially on any baked dish to give it a brown crusty bubbly topping.

Chef Huang suggests Parmesan and fresh Mozzarella, both of which have a distinct taste. He informs us that the different taste is because while parmesan is aged for years, fresh mozzarella does not require ageing.

Chef Aniket Das, Chief Executive Chef at Aloft, Bengaluru, Cessna Business Park suggests that we team cheese block with fine wine, parmesan being his top pick for the cheese to for cooking.

Recipes worth trying:

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Shredded Cheese

Send the cheese through a grater or a shredder. Those superfine threads work amazingly as a topping on salads, lasagna, soups. Today, in times of exotic cuisines, you can add a dash to your dessert as well. How do you think rosogulla is made? It is also a great way to make children eat healthily. Blend some shredded cheese in milk and drizzle it over their veggies or give it as a dip.

When you think shredded cheese think of different variants like Parmesan, Manchego, Cheddar, Mozzarella says, Chef Huang. They are commonly used for pizzas and gratinates. They leave an irresistible cheesy aroma as they bake and bubble.

Recipes worth trying:

Cheese Spread

Another easy spread to apply on your toast. This is ideal for the ‘on-the-go’ breakfast. It also works when you want to give a loving spread or your bread or chapati. Just smoothen out the heavenly cheese spread on hot chapati and lo behold some magic has just happened! It is creamy and packed with flavour! They work best as dips too. Imagine a regular dish of wafers dipped in cheese spread! In fact, Chef Das uses cheese spread with crudites.

Recipes worth trying:

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Cream Cheese

It is luxuriant, soft creamy cheese which is not aged. It is great for dips and makes an awesome spread on crackers, frosting for cheesecakes and such. Chef Huang depends on these reliable favourites cream cheese such as Ricotta, Philadelphia, and Mascarpone. He tells us that the rich, luxuriant flavour makes for great cakes, and especially for pastries as the rich flavour is required for the best pastry.

Recipes worth trying:

Exotic cheese varieties:

Pairing wine and cheese is one of the most epic-classic pairings in food. But when we talk about ‘Exotic Cheese’, in walk the A-listers.

While all types of cheese will make our mouth water, some cheese is an acquired taste. Though many of us will gravitate to the docile cheese on the store shelf, the epicurean will go for the finesse of the exotic. High-end cheese is generally sharp in aroma and in taste and in some cases, one has to develop a liking for them.

Chef Das shares tell us about some exotic cheeses which are popular: Parmesan, Feta, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Edam Block, Danish Blue Cheese, Gouda. He suggests that we use Parmesan, Cheddar, Feta, and Mozzarella in our salads for that cheesy flavor. Sharing some fun facts he tells us that Emmental Cheese Fondue that originates from Switzerland is the same cheese that is seen in Tom & Jerry cartoon.

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But for some jaw-dropping information; Pule cheese is supposed to be the most expensive and rare cheese in the world. It is made from the milk of Balkan donkeys from Serbia. It is a unique ingredient of Serbian cuisine, pule is supposed to cost about 1,000 Euros per kilogram.

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So dear readers, what do we say about cheese….too little is not enough and too much is amazing! Say Cheese

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