Effective ways to style your hair at home  

While heading to the parlour to style your hair sounds like a great option, there are times when it is simply not feasible (not to mention the strain on your budget). Fret not, as there are simple tricks that you can try at home for that va-va-vom effect! Here, we list some of them.

Care from within

For any hairstyle to look great, it is essential that you give it proper care. A plant can grow into a tree only if its roots are strong. Similarly, our tresses need proper anchorage at the base level for it to show some life. Oiling at least once a week is a must to rejuvenate the scalp as well as the strands. It boosts the natural sheen of the hair and makes it less prone to that pesky frizzy situation!

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Air Dry

Before you start the styling process, make it a point to let it naturally dry. While a hair dryer is effective in achieving fast results, overuse of it can damage the strands and make your tresses dry and brittle in the long run. Hence, it is best to start the dryer when your hair is 75 percent air dried. You can use a microfiber towel to fasten the drying process if you wish.

Heat protectant

Do you realize what our hair goes through when we go out in the sun? The harsh rays can cause damage to the root as well as scalp making it dry and lifeless. Also, too much of heat takes away the natural sheen from the tresses. That is why overdoing the heat styling is a bad idea. So what is the solution here? Use a heat protectant with high-temperature range. A good one will help in lessening the harm that heating tools and the sun will do to the hair. So even if you are not heat styling, spritz some spray for added care.

Up- down

If you are in a tearing hurry, you can use the blow dryer occasionally. The best way to do it is by drying it from top to bottom. In this manner the cuticles will stay intact as the air flows in the same direction of the cuticles and will not damage the hair shaft. Also, blowing air in this direction will give you mane the added volume. It will remain bouncy and filled with life!

Cool shot

The concept of a cool shot is to set the hair in place for a longer duration. Blowing cold air into the already set hair will ensure that it remains intact and doesn’t move. So when you are done with your styling, blow some cold air in the end to complete the whole styling process. Be careful not to blast air as it can ruin your efforts!

Say yes to hair serums

A serum is your hair’s best friend. It adds lustre, detangles the tresses fast and makes it smell great and in a jiffy! Just a tiny drop is enough to create magic! The product is also great to hold the hairstyle in place. You can opt for the ones with protectant as it makes the styling with heat tools easier.

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Now that you have prepped your mane, it is ready to take in all the styling. Below are some tips:

  • Section the hair into 4 equal parts no matter what styling you do as it make the process quicker.
  • For a sleek look, use a hair straightener and gently slide sections of the tresses between the heating plates.
  • For a curly hairstyle, use a curler. To make the style last longer, clip the curls as soon as you remove it from the curler and unclip it after 20 minutes when it has cooled down.
  • You can naturally achieve wavy hair by combing with a wide tooth comb after washing it the night before. When you wake up in the morning, you will have naturally wavy hair!

Try these steps for a wow result!

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