Beauty talk with leading specialist Manjul Gupta

If there is anybody who holds the laurel for knowing the ins and outs of beauty and skincare in the country, it is Manjul Gupta. Being a beauty care professional for over 30 years, today, she stands as one of the leading specialists in the country. The dynamic lady is also the President of The All India Beauty and Hairdressers Association (AIBHA), a Founding Member and Secretary of the Board of Inter Coiffure Mondial. Along with Swati Gupta, Manjul has spearheaded Bodycraft Spa and Salon in Bengaluru for over 20 years. Here the veteran lets us in on her passion, beauty trends, mistakes that woman often make and more…

What sparked your interest in Bodycraft Spa & Salon?

Beauty and wellness have been my passion as far as I can remember. Bodycraft was born out of this passion and the pride felt when one is able to make a person feel beautiful.

 You have now also launched in Mumbai, could you tell us about the initiation and experience?

It has been slightly nerve-racking since Mumbai is a new market for us, a new journey and experience where people have different expectations. You have to be a lot more prepared when you go to a new city. All-in-all, it has been a great learning and fulfilling experience.

You have been a beauty care professional for over 30 years, what are the changes that you have observed from then and now?

Today, people are understanding the importance of taking care of oneself as well as following a skin, hair and health regime. Trends have certainly evolved, and one is more open to trying new things. Social media has become an incredible tool to know what is in trend while giving an insight into what people want.

Is there any skincare and hair care routine that you religiously follow yourself?

Yes, I do invest time to take care of myself. I go for regular hair spas to keep my hair healthy. I have troublesome skin, but I am able to keep it under control because of my regular facial and massage routine. Going for a spa once in two weeks is essential as it reduces stress, improves circulation and offers many benefits to the skin.

What do you feel are the must-have hair and skin products one should have in their beauty kitty?

A day care routine is a must, particularly with an SPF, as it protects the skin against UV rays. Equally important is a good night care routine to restore and rejuvenate your skin. A shampoo followed by conditioning is also essential to healthy hair. You must ensure that the products you use are suitable for your skin and hair.

Are there any glaring mistakes that you see your customers do when it comes to hair and skin care?

Many people either do nothing regarding skin and hair care or they blindly follow a routine without knowing whether it’s appropriate for their skin and hair.

Lastly, what advice would you give women who want to look and feel their best?

Looking and feeling good go hand in hand. You should look good not for others but for yourself. This can be a huge confidence booster!

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