Korean beauty: Perfecting the art of blurring

Korean beauty is trending across the world and everyone is obsessing over it. Have you ever wondered how Korean women have such beautiful and flawless skin? One of the secrets to this is the art of blurring. This beauty technique makes the skin look smooth and perfect. Here’s everything you need to know about it and how it’s done.

What is blurring?

Blurring is a Korean beauty technique that aids in diminishing facial flaws in a natural manner with the help of a few makeup tricks. This helps you achieve that perfectly radiant, dewy and fresh skin by concealing any sort of imperfections.

It focuses on creating the look with minimal makeup rather than layering up products to hide the marks or scars on the face. The basic idea behind this method is that your real skin is visible rather than a painted face.

How to achieve it?
The answer lies in skincare and makeup…


A skincare routine will make a lot of difference to your looks if followed on a regular basis. To achieve that, you would have to start with the basics. Without a perfect base, no amount of makeup looks good!

After you cleanse and tone your face, apply a few drops of skin brightening essence. This will brighten up your skin and prepare it for the further steps. Continue with a serum that enhances and hydrates your face. Next, apply a light moisturiser for that radiant glow and get your skin ready for makeup.

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Now, follow the below steps to achieve the perfect makeup.


Koreans apply little makeup to hide their imperfections. These following steps help you get that flawless look.

Korean women prefer a CC cream over a heavy-duty foundation to cover the flaws. Using the cream evens out the skin tone and makes it look natural. BB cushions, a Korean beauty invention helps to achieve that impeccably blurred look.  You can opt for a bb cushion or a cushion foundation, to get sheer coverage and make your skin look dewy and glossy.

Make sure that you gently pat it and not rub the cushion against your skin. Your base is ready and now you can apply the rest of the makeup as you prefer. Also, keep in mind that Korean women prefer to limit their base makeup only till the BB cushions. To complete the look, opt for a sheer lip gloss or lip tint, with a generous coat of mascara.

Follow these tips for that flawless look!

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