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5 Delectable desserts for Christmas & New Year

With one of the most loved festival seasons around the corner, the joy of baking, decorating and spending time with your loved ones is enjoyed more than usual. Trying out new sweet and savoury dishes to serve the family and guests is always a challenge. Here we have some desserts you can make for this coming Christmas and New year and spread the love by sharing them.

Strawberry Cheesecake

A rich, creamy and crusty bite with tangy strawberries, this cake is ideal for this festive season. A mouthful of many flavours that can be perfect for a party. It is freshly whipped and soft-textured. The twist of seasonal fruit is not just easy to make but also to serve.

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Chocolate Black Forest Cake

It’s never a festival or a party without chocolate in it. Being the most loved form of dessert by all aged people, this soft and syrup-soaked cake is simple to bake. The layered cake is made of cream and cocoa in every bite, with plums and cherries to add to its flavour. Relish it with a scoop of your favourite ice cream and hot chocolate.

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Healthy Shortcrust Pastry Filled with Baked Chocolate Yogurt

This pastry filled with creamy chocolate yoghurt is not just delightful but also healthy. Crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside, it is perfect to serve the guests. As it’s light and tasty, more than one can be enjoyed.

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Creme Caramel

A subtly flavoured dish with a coat of sugary caramel is another perfect Christmas dessert. It’s not just simple, but also quick and easy to make. This recipe has minimal ingredients, with the main one being condensed milk is very tasty. It can be served in small bowls and garnished with fruits and nuts.

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Almond and Raspberry Cruffins

A nutty yet gentle almond, with a twist of raspberry, make these mini puffs delicious. With a crunch in every bite, this has a lot of flavours in it. Crisp outside with a sweet fruity filling inside makes it a surprise pastry. It can be dipped in hot chocolate or butterscotch sauce for further richness in taste.

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With these recipes, it is assumed that this season of joy will be sweeter than usual. Try them out and enjoy every bite of them with all your heart.

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